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Detailed Financial & Statistical Reporting

When you click on "My Reports" in our "Affiliate Zone" you immediately see a snapshot of where you are for the current month. We show you raw & unique visitor counts, percent of visitors that are unique, how many sign-ups you've gotten since you became an affiliate, how many sign-ups this month, total minutes this month, earnings from minutes this month, webmaster referral bonus, carry over from prior month (if any) and the total earnings.

After the summary, you'll see an area where you can request additional reports...

  • Summary Report for previous months
  • Monthly Report By Day
  • Monthly Tracking Report
  • Fiscal Quarterly Report
  • IRS Quarterly Report
  • Annual Report By Month

You can request any of the reports for any month/year as long as you participate in our affiliate program. We maintain the data indefinitely.

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