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Co-Branding Is Easy, Add Our Psychics To Your Page And Earn Money

Now here's a bright idea. Add a page to your site and include 3, 5, 7 or 9 of our psychics. Surfers will be able to view the profile and reviews of each psychic. Height & width are customizable as are the colors and graphics.

When the surfer gets to Psychic Access, they'll do so with your affiliate id so you'll get credit for any and all sales from that surfer. Check out this example page where we chose to display 5 psychics in a modified Lavender & Lace color theme.

Our co-branding feature is so easy to use....

  1. Use a stock theme, customize or create your own from scratch.
  2. Click a button to generate the 2 lines of code
  3. Copy and paste onto your page

We also offer this feature in fixed sizes of Leaderboad (728x90), Medium Rectangle (300x250) and Skyscraper (160x600).

Sound difficult? Well it's not, you'll have fun with our Wizard selecting the look that is just right for your site/page and it's just TWO lines of code you copy and paste onto your page. It can't get any easier!

Ready to start making money with our affiliate program?


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