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Earn More Money By Linking To Our Family Of Sites

One important factor in your site getting a higher Google page rank is having a good number of relevant back links. We can help you out with that. We have 15 psychic relevant websites each with a link section. If you give us 3 links, we'll give you 15 in return. These sites are loaded with psychic related articles, horoscopes and more and are quickly gaining a good Google page ranking.

If that's not sweet enough.... By attaching your affiliate id to the 3 links we request from you, your affiliate id will be passed through to all 15 of our sites. Any time a surfer goes to any of those sites, your affiliate id is passed on so that when they click on a Psychic Access link, you'll get credit for the sign up and start earning recurring from that visitor for life. We are all about making webmasters as much money as possible. Whatever we can do to increase your bottom line, we will do. This is just one feature that sets our affiliate program apart from the others.

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