Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions
  1. By participating in the "Psychic Access Affiliate Program" (the Program) you (the Affiliate) agree to be bound by this agreement, which is subject to change at any time by the program. Changes are effective upon notification to each partner.
  2. The Affiliate must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the program.
  3. Notification to Affiliates may be made by means of electronic messages (E-Mail) from the Program, by posting such notice in the affiliate area of Psychic Access or by conventional mail.
  4. All payouts, resulting from credit card sales generated through Affiliate sites, will be issued in U.S. dollars by check, PayPal or wire transfer. Checks will be issued by Psychic Access, Inc. and will be sent out by the 5th of each month. Minimum payout amount is $25. Accounts that do not meet the minimum will be carried over into the next pay period, until the minimum payout amount is reached. Checks can be sent out overnight delivery for a $20 fee. Payouts in excess of $500 are eligible for wire transfer. If you qualify for and desire payment by wire transfer or overnight, you must notify the Program by E-Mail via the "Contact Us" page by the 23rd of the month.
  5. The Affiliate is responsible for notifying the Program of any payment not received by the 28th of the month for the preceeding pay period by E-Mail via the "Contact Us" link.
  6. Affiliate participation in the Program will be immediately terminated and any outstanding earnings forfeited if any Affiliate is found:
    • Over-writing our cookies on people's PC's with their affiliate id (known as parasite-ware).
    • Employing the use of any form of Adware or Spyware to advertise our offerings.
    • Displaying Child Pornography material in ANY format or links to such sites.
    • Using any advertising materials provided by Psychic Access to promote any other sites.
    • Containing any links to Warez sites or other illegal software distribution sites.
    • Attempting to defraud the Program in any way.
    • Attempting to hack into restricted areas of Psychic Access.
    • Spreading false allegations and/or malicious misinformation on the Program.
    • Using E-Mail, Newsgroup, Fax, Chatroom or IM spamming to promote the program.
  7. The Affiliate is responsible for providing all personal computer and communications equipment necessary to gain access to the Program. Access to and use of the Program is through a combination of an assigned userid and a password. The Affiliate must keep their password strictly confidential. For security reasons, passwords will not be released for any reason, except as may be specifically required by law or court order. Unauthorized access to the Program is a breach of this agreement, violation of the law and due cause for immediate termination from the Program and forfeiture of current and future earnings.