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Welcome To The Affiliate Program Where Webmasters Make More Money

In a nut shell, here is how our affiliate program works. Surfers on your site click links we provide you. When surfers register for free on our site, we stamp them with your unique affiliate id. Every time those surfers get a reading from any of our psychics, you earn 50 cents for each minute of the reading. For as long as your surfers keep getting readings, you earn money. You could be getting monthly payments from us for years to come. We host all the graphic marketing materials and give you a very wide variety from which to choose. To learn more, use our 'Main Menu' on the left.

Program Highlights

» Professionally Crafted Advertising Materials
» Simple 'Copy & Paste' Methodology
» Extremely Easy To Implement Co-Branding
» Detailed Financial & Statistical Reports
» 10% Webmaster Referral Bonus
» Unsaturated Market Place
» Choice Of Payment Methods

Ready to start making money with our affiliate program?


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