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Abundance mindset manifests wealth and prosperity

Do You Believe In Abundance?

Despite deeply painful disappointments and difficult challenges in my life, I have always believed in the magic and miracles of an abundant universe. But I find that many people believe in scarcity and lack instead. They tend to have a scarcity mentality and lack awareness, focusing on what they do not have instead of ...

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Spirit sends us signs using clocks an watches

Spirit Signs From Your Loved Ones

Have you ever experienced the presence of a deceased loved one in your home, or the feeling that someone from the spirit realm is trying to communicate with you? Well, it is not your imagination. The spirits of our deceased loved ones can give us signs and messages that they are near and...

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Psychic healer doing distance energy healing

The Loving Intent Of Distant Energy Healing

I am a member of a remote healing group in which all participants receive healing energy once a month. We all simply set the intention to receive the energy healing on an agreed upon date and time. Even when some of us forget about it, when we are asleep...

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Guardian angels guide, comfort and protect

The Calling Of The Angels

The people I consult with in my work as psychic reader are often going through a difficult period in their lives. Many feel abandoned, helpless, frustrated and alone. For some a relationship has ended, or a job has been lost, or a loved one has passed away unexpectedly. The first message that the angels usually relay to me in these readings is:...

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Psychic zodiac star signs

Decode Your Dreams With The Power Of Astrology

Dream interpretation using astrology is a wonderful psychic tool that few people know about. But my clients know that they can come to me with any recent dream that has ruffled their feather quilt, and I can help them sleep on smooth sheets again. By exploring the connection...

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The seven auric layers of the human aura

The Seven Layers Of The Auric Body

The aura, also known as the subtle body, the luminous body, or the human energy field, is an egg-shaped glowing field of energy that emanates from us in various colors and surrounds our entire body like a glowing multi-colored cocoon. The overall size, shape and dominant colors...

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Spiritual couple embrace career change to become artists

The Spiritual Power Of Embracing Change

My husband and I have recently made a life-altering decision to embark on a new adventure. While we initially considered our current location a dream come true, we have since encountered numerous obstacles that led us to increasingly question our path. With some divine guidance and...

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Psychic woman aligns and balances her seven chakras

Keeping The Seven Chakras In Balance

Do you feel physically drained, emotionally unbalanced, or spiritually out of sync? Your chakras may need to be balanced and realigned. When your energy centers, or chakras, are in balance, you feel calm, centered, grounded, energized, happy, and able to accomplish almost anything...

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Psychic child remembers past life trauma

Children Who Remember Past Lives

Have you ever wondered where birthmarks come from? Or, if there is any link between birth defects and reincarnation? I’m not talking about moles, which are hereditary. I’m talking about those brown or red spots, also known as ‘strawberries’ or ‘angel kisses.’ These marks typically appear...

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Spirtual woman deliberatley creates new reality with the power of her mind

The Manifesting Power Of Focused Intent

Successful manifestation requires the power of focused intention. Setting intentions is the energetic foundation for manifesting the substance and structure of our beliefs into observable reality. A livable, solid house cannot be built without a floor plan or blueprint. Intent is the...

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Psychic using crystal energy to heal and manifest

Using Crystals In Your Metaphysical Practice

Crystal energy work has a long history as a popular and powerful metaphysical practice. It’s an ancient tradition that involves the use of crystals and semi-precious stones to promote healing, improve emotional and mental well-being, and manifest wishes. These precious and semi-precious...

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Psychic palm reading of hand lines

The Ancient Art Of Cheirological Palmistry

Cheirology, also known as chirology, palmistry, chiromancy, or palmistry, may no longer be the trendiest divination system, but it is still practiced by those in the know! Many practitioners continue to find it a wonderful source of comfort, guidance, and insight. As a divination tradition...

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