Terms & Conditions

Updated June 1st, 2019)

Terms and Conditions


By becoming a registered user (the "Client") of Psychic Access Inc.'s "Psychic Access" service (the "Service"), you become a Client and agree to be bound by this Agreement (the "Agreement"). This agreement is subject to change by "Psychic Access" at any time, and changes are effective upon electronic notice (e-mail) to each Client.

Age Verification

You must be a responsible adult over eighteen (18) years old (or the age of consent in the jurisdiction in which this site is being Used) to Use the Adult Areas of this site. Telephone communications, products and other services available on this site may include descriptions of nudity and/or sexual activity. Federal, state or local laws may prohibit using this site if you are under eighteen (18) years old. By using this site, you are making the following statements:

  1. I am an adult, at least eighteen (18) years old, and I have a legal right to access this material in my community.

  2. I will not permit, enable, introduce or facilitate any person(s) under eighteen (18) years old to Use or access this site.

  3. I am voluntarily choosing to use this site because I want to view or read the various listings posted in this site and/or communicate with one or more of the contracted Psychic advisors. If I choose to communicate with a an advisor, for example by initiating a telephone call or obtaining a private video/chat session from an advisor who has listed him/herself on this site I will not solicit communication with an advisor outside of this site.

  4. I understand and agree to abide by the standards and laws of the community in which I live or in which I am using this site.

  5. I agree that I shall not hold Psychic Access or its employees & contracted advisors responsible for any listings posted and/or communications made with advisors from this site.

  6. If I Use any of this site in violation of the Age Verification, I understand that I may be in violation of local and/or federal laws and am solely responsible for my actions.

  7. I do not find communications involving sexual content (revelant to my needs) to be offensive or objectionable.

  8. I will exit from this site, cease communicating with an advisor and/or cease using this site if I am in any way offended by the nature of any of the listings or any communications with a member.

Usage Policy:

The material on the Service is for the private, non-commercial enjoyment of the Client only. Any other use is strictly prohibited. No replication of graphics, text, webpages, coding of any kind are allowed without the express permission of the Company. The Client agress to adhere to the "Our Rules" section of this website. Violation of our Usage Policy will result in the immediate suspension of all priveledges and forfeiture of any monetary balance.

E-Mail Policy:

We value your privacy. Your e-email address will never be used for purposes other than to communicate important notices to you including a welcome email, messages from psychics that have given you a reading, billing issues or a limited special offerings from Psychic Access and/or PsychicWeb. We do not give or sell any e-mail addresses or personal information. Acceptance of the e-mails identified here is mandatory, there is no opt-out feature. Your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions grant us permission to send you the aforementioned e-mails.

Payment Policy:

When adding funds to your account through the use of Paypal or a credit card, we limit the amount you can fund your account depending on the length of time you have been a customer of ours. This is both for your protection and ours. If for any reason you feel the need to exceed the following limits, please contact customer service or use a money order.

For the first 6 months, the dollar limits are: $250 a day, $750 a week and $1,500 USD in any 30 day period.

After 6 months, the dollar limits are: $500 a day, $1,500 a week and $3,500 USD in any 30 day period.

When adding funds to your account through the use of a money order, there is no limit to the dollar amount we will accept by money order.

To complete Client's purchase, Client will be transferred to the secured server of one of our Credit Card Processors (ccProcessor). The ccProcessors include Psychic Media, Inc., and Paypal). The ccProcessors are independent companies providing credit card and check processing services as well as other billing services for Web Site operators, such as the owner and operator of this Web Site.

Neither the ccProcessor nor any person or company related to the ccProcessor holds any ownership interest in this Web Site, nor receives any financial benefit from this Web Site, other than a fee paid by the owner of this Web Site to the ccProcessor for the services performed by the ccProcessor.

The ccProcessor HAS NO CONTROL OVER THE WEB SITE, or any of the design, layout, content, subject matter, products, services or persons that appear in or on or that are linked to the Web Site, or the geographical areas into which it may disseminate, broadcast or permit the downloading of or access to the content or services offered by the Web Site. Accordingly, the ccProcessor makes absolutely no representations and/or warranties, and provides no assurances, regarding the Web Site, the Web Site owner, or the quality, availability, legality or description of the products and/or services offered thereon. The ccProcessor expressly DISCLAIMS any warranties of Client's ability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to this Web Site and/or the products and services offered hereon. Any disputes arising in connection with this Web Site, or the products and/or services being offered or purchased, are between Client and the owner of this Web Site. In certain circumstances, the ccProcessor may provide billing customer service for the Web Site, in which case the ccProcessor may be handling such disputes for the owner on a contract basis, but without any liability therefor. In all other cases, disputes should be directed to the contact information contained on the Web Site; however, Client should feel free to contact the ccProcessor in the event that Client feels that the Web Site operator acted fraudulently, or Client was misled in any way. The ccProcessor urges the Client to carefully read the Terms and Conditions on the Web Site, and to ask the Web Site operator any questions Client may have regarding the service/product before completing the subscription or other transaction, by using the contact information on this Web Site.

By submitting Client's request for authorization of Client's transaction, Client acknowledges having read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions herein stated, and agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold the ccProcessor harmless from any and all liabilities, damages (including attorneys fees and associated costs) and other costs and expenses arising in connection with Client's visit to or use of this Web Site, and/or Client's purchase or offer to purchase any of the products and services offered hereon.

Please do not "Charge back" your purchases. If you had problems with your connection during a private reading or were otherwise dissatisfied, contact support at support@PsychicAccess.com and someone will assist you. Failure to do so and the act of Charging Back will only result in the matter being turned over to the proper authorities for collection. This is a business and while you may not be able to hold what you purchased, the laws see it as a purchase none the less. Chargeback's can hurt your credit and ability to make additional purchases here and at other websites in the future.

If you think you can purchase services, charge back, and do it again or commit credit card fraud without negative consequences you are wrong. Psychic Access, Inc. works with ISPs and Legal Agencies around the world and prosecutes in ALL instances of Credit Card & Check fraud as well as Identity Theft.

Refund Policy:

When adding funds to your account for the purpose of obtaining private readings from our psychics, only add what you believe you will actually use. Funds will not earn any type of interest, this is not a bank. We do not give refunds. We may however, provide credits for additional services.

In instances where the Client feels that a credit for services is justifiable, he/she must submit a detailed written request Any request for refund must be submitted by accessing the "Contact Us" page on this website or mailing us at:

Psychic Access, Inc.
701 S. Carson St. Suite 200-3107
Carson City, NV 89701

Please provide the following details together with your request, unless otherwise stated in the specific Service's website:

  • Transaction identification number
  • Reasons for the request of an in-house credit
All requests submitted are subject to approval on a case to case basis.

Feedback Policy:

We urge all Clients to please use caution and good judgment when leaving feedback for your Psychic advisors. What you write can be read by other Clients, and you cannot go back and edit your remarks - they become a permanent part of that Psychic advisor's record. Please keep in mind that you can be held legally responsible for damages to someone's reputation if a court finds that your remarks are defamatory. Under applicable laws, including the Communications Decency Act, the "Site" is not legally responsible for the feedback that Client posts, even if that feedback is defamatory. We provide a rating system and feedback forum as a place for our Clients to express their opinions, and we will neither censor these opinions nor investigate them for accuracy.

To ensure that the feedback system is not abused, we may remove feedback in the limited situations described below. If you believe that another Member has left feedback that meets one or more of the following criteria, you should contact us by writing to feedback@psychicaccess.com to seek review.

Circumstances in which we will consider removing feedback:

  1. The feedback was written with the sole intention of describing or commenting on the "Site" itself and not the Psychic advisor.

  2. The feedback contains profane or vulgar language, Adult Content or adult material. Using inflammatory words such as "scam," "fake," "liar," "sucks" or "boring" is discouraged but will not be removed.

  3. The feedback contains personal identifying information about a Client, including real name, address, phone number or email address.

  4. The feedback contains negative comments regarding an Advisor failing to perform actions or provide services that are outside the scope of the Psychic Services described in the listing.

  5. The feedback is left by an Advisor for her or himself (whether directly or indirectly, using secondary Client names or third parties to leave such feedback).

  6. The feedback is left by a Member who provided the "Site" with false contact information during the registration process, and cannot be contacted.

  7. A Client leaves multiple ratings or feedback entries in order to harass one or more other Clients and/or Psychic advisors. If we find feedback to be of a harassing nature, we may remove all but the original feedback.

  8. The feedback refers to another Clients' feedback, mentions other Psychics, or includes links, URLs or information promoting another website.

  9. Feedback describing disconnected calls may be removed if the Psychic agrees to refund the cost of the call to the Client.

  10. Feedback mistakenly left or intended for another Psychic will be considered for removal only when the Client responsible informs us of the error.


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