The Spiritual Necessity Of A Bucket List

Inspired woman having an amazing spiritual life experience Inspired woman having an amazing spiritual life experience Inspired woman having an amazing spiritual life experience Inspired woman having an amazing spiritual life experience  

Have you ever felt like there’s more to life than the daily grind? Creating and pursuing a bucket list is one way to bring purpose and meaning to your existence.

When I do readings, Spirit often encourages my clients to set new life goals and advises that it is never too early or too late to start a bucket list. In fact, Spirit often says that keeping a bucket list is a spiritual necessity, essential to our soul purpose.

Even young children need goals for the present and the future, Spirit says. Life is for learning and experiencing all that we can. Spirit wants all of us to live our best lives!

A bucket list is a list of accomplishments and experiences we would like to have before we leave this earth plane and return to our spiritual home. The term comes from the phrase “to kick the bucket” (meaning “to die”) and was popularized by the 2007 movie The Bucket List.

The increasing upheaval and chaos in the world in recent years has forced many of us to think about the things we would like to do before we “kick the bucket.”

Having a bucket list leads you to prioritize experiences and dreams that resonate with your innermost desires. It’s a tangible reminder to live life to the fullest and pursue the things that are truly important to you. By identifying and working toward these aspirations, you’re actively nurturing your soul growth and personal fulfillment.

When I was a child, we pretty much did what was expected of us. Children were seen and not heard. Our life goals were planned for us based on what our parents, teachers, and community expected of us.

The first time I remember being asked to make an important decision for myself was when I was asked what kind of birthday cake I wanted for my sixth birthday. I also got to choose the restaurant I wanted to go to for my birthday dinner. In those days, eating out at a restaurant was a big deal. In that moment I realized, wow, I have all these potential choices of things I want to have and do!

A bucket list should not be something we aim to do in our retirement years. We need to live our goals, desires, dreams and aspirations every day. It is spiritually important to have things we want to accomplish…to always have a dream. We are born to create and manifest our best possible life.

Bucket lists are also not meant to be set in stone and can absolutely change as our circumstances and priorities change. The best kind of bucket list is the one you keep adding to throughout your life.

At the age of 36, a sudden desire to learn to play the harp seemed to come out of nowhere. I was working as a hairdresser at the time, and one day I just rearranged my schedule to drive three hours to buy a harp! But I never got around to learning how to play it.

Until recently, the harp just sat in my office where I do readings, serving as a stark reminder of an unfinished item on my bucket list. However, the harp has become a symbol in my psychic medium work.

When the angelic realm wishes to communicate with me or a client, I often feel the urge to look over at my harp. Sometimes I also clairvoyantly see a harp in my mind’s eye, or clairaudiently hear harp music. This is usually my psychic cue that angels are among us.

Recently, while browsing my social media feed, an online course to learn to play the harp popped up. I immediately signed up, having decided that it’s never too late to cross that goal off my bucket list. Things can stay on our bucket lists for years. There is no expiration date for the items on it.

Acclaimed American folk artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses, also known as “Grandma Moses,” began painting full-time at the age of 78. Her work has been exhibited around the world, including in prominent museums, and some of her most popular paintings have even been used on greeting cards and other merchandise.

A bucket list allows you to prioritize experiences and dreams that align with your deepest desires. It’s a tangible reminder to live life to the fullest and pursue the things that are truly important to you. By identifying and working toward these aspirations, you’re actively nurturing your soul’s growth and fulfillment.

So, what’s new or different on your bucket list? Do you even have a list? If not, now might be the best time ever to get one! There’s nothing too big or small to put on your list. It is your personal list that does not have to live up to the expectations or preferences of others.

Just the act of writing down wishes and desires tells the universe that you are serious about it. A bucket list is used to set clearer, more powerful energetic intentions for your future possibilities.

It is not meant to create stress in your life. Being disappointed in yourself for not accomplishing some of your goals is also pointless and not beneficial. Adding, changing, and removing is what it is all about!

And the best time to start your bucket list is right now, because it will set off a chain of uplifting and inspiring thoughts and ideas that will change your life. A bucket list serves as a living roadmap for the profound expedition that is your life’s journey, igniting a new chapter of personal growth and spiritual expansion. Here are some of the developments you can expect:


You will spend more time than usual reflecting on your aspirations. What dreams and goals are constantly dancing through your mind? Reflecting on personal aspirations is like a journey of self-discovery. It prompts us to consider our deepest desires and ambitions and allows us to connect with the essence of who we are.

By recognizing and nurturing these aspirations, we acknowledge our authentic selves and align our actions with our values and beliefs. This process of reflection helps us gain clarity about what is truly important to us and fosters a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
Embarking on the journey of self-discovery is not merely a whimsical pursuit, but a spiritual necessity essential to our soul purpose and destiny.

Intention & Purpose

The act of creating a bucket list serves as a tangible expression of our innermost desires. It provides a canvas on which to paint our dreams and aspirations, making them more tangible and attainable.

When we write our bucket list, we are not simply listing places to visit or experiences to pursue; we are setting intentions for a fulfilling life. This process aligns us with our life’s purpose and infuses our actions with deeper meaning and intention. It becomes a roadmap that guides us to a life that resonates with our core being, igniting a sense of purpose and direction. Embrace the playful exercise of creating your bucket list, for it holds the power to manifest your intentions and infuse your life with purpose.

Comfort Zone

Growth is impossible within the confines of comfort. A bucket list gently but firmly nudges us out of our safe harbor, forcing us to embrace newness and uncertainty.

As we strive for new adventures and experiences, we break down the walls of fear and doubt, allowing our souls to soar and our spirits to bask in the liberating glow of self-empowerment. In doing so, we awaken to the fullness of our potential, transcend our own limitations, and uncover the profound spiritual dimensions of our existence.


The act of curating a bucket list is an exercise in deep gratitude and mindfulness. It causes us to pause, reflect, and appreciate the countless blessings and opportunities that grace our lives. Each item on the list becomes a beacon of inspiration, evoking a deep sense of appreciation for the intricacies of life.
This attention to the present moment infuses our spiritual journey with vitality and richness as we cultivate an unwavering sense of gratitude and mindfulness that propels us toward spiritual fulfillment.


Think of a bucket list as a tapestry of dreams waiting to be woven into reality. The items on this collection of aspirations are not just wishes; they are the sparks that ignite the flames of passion within us. Every dream, big or small, has the power to infuse our lives with purpose and drive.
As we set out to achieve the items on our bucket list, we are fueled by the fires of motivation that propel us forward in our quest for a life of spiritual fulfillment.


A bucket list is not just a collection of goals; it is a reservoir of positive energy and optimism. Each dream or wish we add to our list becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating our path with optimism. As we immerse ourselves in the pursuit of these aspirations, we cultivate a mindset that is open to the abundance of life’s offerings.

A well-maintained bucket list serves as a constant reminder that the universe is brimming with possibilities, infusing our spirits with unwavering faith and an unshakable belief in the beauty of our journey.

By embracing the essence of hope and inspiration through our bucket list, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and faith. It becomes a testament to the indomitable spirit within us that propels us toward a life that is not only lived, but celebrated in all its glory.

So, fellow adventurer, embrace the quirky, the bold, and the awe-inspiring, and begin your own soul-enriching journey today. Create your bucket list, not as a mere wish list or to-do list, but as an essential tool for nurturing your spirit and igniting new passion and purpose in your life.

Bucket List Ideas

The key to an amazing bucket list is to choose experiences that resonate with your personal beliefs and spiritual values. This will foster meaningful growth and a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. If you’re not sure where to start, consider some of these inspiring ideas:

Meditation Retreat: Join a meditation retreat to explore mindfulness and deepen spiritual awareness.

Silence Retreat: Experience the power of silence by attending a silent retreat that focuses on self-reflection and inner peace.

Digital Detox Retreat: Disconnect from technology and immerse yourself in nature during a digital detox retreat.

Nature Pilgrimage: Visit sacred or spiritually significant natural sites such as ancient forests, mountains, or waterfalls to connect with the beauty and energy of the earth.

Solo Journey: Take a solo trip to a destination that intrigues you and encourages self-discovery and personal growth.

Stargazing Adventure: Spend a night in a place with minimal light pollution to marvel at the vastness of the universe and reflect on your place in it.

Kindness Mission: Make a list of acts of kindness and pledge to perform them anonymously and randomly to spread positivity and goodwill.

Volunteer Abroad: Volunteer in different countries to experience different cultures and contribute to the well-being of others.

Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in another culture by traveling, learning the language, and participating in local traditions.

Creative Expression: Explore your artistic side through activities such as painting, writing, or music, allowing your soul to communicate through creativity.

Spiritual Practice: Explore a spiritual or metaphysical practice that is out of your comfort zone and different from what you’re familiar with, but that resonates with your values and beliefs. Learn to read the Tarot or cast the Runes. Explore practices that promote the mind-body connection, such as yoga, tai chi, or qigong.

Gratitude Ritual: Establish a daily or weekly gratitude ritual to acknowledge the positive aspects of your life and cultivate a mindset of gratitude.

Intuitive Eating: Discover the intuitive eating approach to nutrition, which encourages you to listen to your body and trust your inner guidance, and promotes a healthy relationship with food by focusing on inner cues rather than external dietary rules or restrictions.

New Hobby: Trying something new can be a great way to challenge yourself and discover new passions. Learn to cook a new cuisine. Take a photography class. Start a herb garden.

Extraordinary Experience: Take a nighttime hot air balloon ride. Sleep in a tree house. Zipline through a rainforest. Attend a masquerade ball. Visit an ice hotel. Join a flash mob. Learn fire dancing. Have a star named after you!

Bucket List Journal: Start a journal to document your experiences, spiritual insights, and reflections as you complete items on your bucket list.



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