The Intricate Dance Of Free Will, Fate And Destiny

Unseen forces of divine intervention change the fate of a dream wedding Unseen forces of divine intervention change the fate of a dream wedding Unseen forces of divine intervention change the fate of a dream wedding Unseen forces of divine intervention change the fate of a dream wedding  

A client once asked me why we choose to do certain things in our lives when we know that a particular choice, decision, or action is likely to end very badly for us, especially when our intuition tells us so long in advance? Why do we not choose to use our free will to make better choices and prevent such negative outcomes from manifesting in the first place?

Many years ago, I decided to finally get married after dating my soulmate for several years. At first I told my special love that I did not want to get married. At the time, I did not understand what was holding me back, only that I had a terrible premonition about getting married. This was strange because I had dreamed of getting married since I was a child.

After his third proposal, I finally agreed to marry him, even though my inner voice continued to warn me that something terrible would happen after the wedding. Sure enough, some strange things did happen at first, but nothing as ominous or harmful as I had expected.

First, there was a strange accident with the wedding cake at our reception, when the head of the little groom figurine fell off! Of course, I was far too happy to let this little incident bother me too much and ruin our special day. Our love for one another kept my thoughts positive and hopeful.

About a week later, the photographer left the proofs of our wedding pictures in my mailbox. Inside the envelope was a note apologizing that she had unfortunately messed up some of our wedding pictures. After looking at the proofs, I noticed that the groom’s head was cut off in some of the pictures! Well, accidents happen and people make mistakes, so I chose not to dwell on it at the time. Once again, our love for each other kept my thoughts positive and hopeful.

Soon after, I had an ominous clairvoyant vision one day, followed by a sinister premonition that lasted for several days. Again, I chose not to focus on it. Our love for each other kept my thoughts positive and hopeful, despite the bizarre foreboding that these mundane signs were preparing me for something much worse to happen in the future.

Seven months after our dream wedding, my inexplicable fear suddenly made sense when my husband died suddenly of a heart attack.

Now, I could have chosen to remain resentful and bitter for the rest of my life, but instead I chose to find the positive in a tragic turn of events. In the end, I let our love for each other keep my thoughts positive and my outlook on the future hopeful and optimistic.

Could I have changed my fate by acting on the warning that something terrible was likely to happen to him? My answer is definitely no. To this day, I believe that our marriage was always meant to be, and I still have many fond memories of my late husband and our dream wedding.

I accept that he was only meant to be in this world and in my life for a predetermined period of time. His passing was a matter of destiny. The only thing I dare regret in hindsight is not marrying him sooner! You see, there are some things in this life we can control and some things we cannot. It is the age-old question of free will versus fate.

Free Will Versus Fate

The age-old debate of free will versus fate has captivated philosophers, theologians, spiritual gurus, and thought leaders for centuries. Do we have the power to shape our own reality and destiny, or are our lives predetermined by forces beyond our control? This fundamental question goes to the heart of our existence and the complexity of the human experience.

The key to living our best lives, I believe, is to choose a side in this philosophical tug-of-war. Either we accept that we are born with the free will to shape our own destiny, design our own life path, make our own choices, and influence outcomes, or we accept that our life path is predetermined and leads to a preordained destiny that is beyond our control.

The interplay between these two spiritual principles has a profound effect on how we live our lives. Those of us who embrace free will believe in the power of our thoughts, beliefs, and choices to create our daily reality. Every decision we make is a brushstroke on the canvas of our existence. On the other hand, those who believe in predestined fate see life as a series of inevitable events that unfold as they are meant to, regardless of one’s choices or actions.

So, which is it? Free will, or fate? Not only from personal experience, but also from many years of professional experience as a psychic life coach, I believe it’s a little bit of both. I say this because over the years I have seen much evidence of how people can sabotage themselves by consciously making bad choices or holding on to limiting beliefs and negative mindsets. I have also witnessed divine interventions and fateful events in people’s lives (including my own) over which they really had no control.

Life throws things at us and we navigate through them with the choices we make. It’s like being the captain of a ship in a vast, unpredictable sea – you may not control the waves, but you decide how to sail through them. Fate is the hand you are dealt, free will is how you choose to play it.

The Intricate Dance Of Destiny

Recognizing this symbiotic spiritual relationship between free will and fate beckons us to consider how the intricate dance of agency and predetermination shapes our destiny. It invites us to consider our role in determining our fate, while acknowledging the influence of unseen forces and divine will.

If we believe that our choices are ultimately meaningless because fate is always in control, we are less likely to take ownership of our lives and pursue our aspirations. This can lead to a sense of helplessness, resignation, and even victimhood. On the other hand, when we embrace the concept of free will, we empower ourselves to take charge of our own fate and destiny. If we do this wholeheartedly, we soon learn that our actions and choices do shape our daily lives.

While our free will choices are not entirely free from external constraints and the co-created reality we share with others, we do have considerable agency and personal manifesting power that allows us to influence our circumstances and shape our future. We do have the power to create the reality we desire.

Embracing Free Will

The best way to make the most of your current life journey is to embrace free will. Believing in the power of our free will increases our motivation and self-efficacy, encouraging us to take action and persevere in the face of challenges. Conversely, belief in fate can lead to a sense of apathy and resignation, undermining our drive to pursue our goals.

When we believe that our choices are predetermined, we are less likely to carefully consider our options and make informed decisions. On the other hand, if we believe that our choices matter, we are more likely to engage in mindful decision making, considering the potential consequences of our actions.

Embracing free will also opens us to new possibilities and encourages us to step outside our comfort zone, leading to personal growth and transformation. Believing in fate, on the other hand, limits our sense of agency and hinders our ability to change and grow.

Embracing our free will engages us in personal and spiritual growth through introspection, self-reflection, and continuous learning. It leads us to a deeper connection with our inner guidance, spirit and the divine, and fosters more intentional and empowered choices to live a fulfilling life. By fostering self-agency and personal growth, we harness our divine free will to actively create the reality we desire and deserve as children of the universe.

Overcoming External Influences

External factors and societal influences often put pressure on us and hinder the manifestation of our free will. In order to embrace our free will and pursue our personal aspirations, it is essential to develop personal and spiritual strategies for navigating these external influences. Cultivating resilience and assertiveness can empower us to stay true to our authentic wishes and desires while resisting undue external pressures.

We must learn, for example, to set clear boundaries and foster a supportive environment that aligns with our personal and spiritual values to provide a buffer against negative external influences that seek to taint our experience of reality. By surrounding yourself with positivity and like-minded people, you can create a space conducive to self-empowerment and the nurturing of your free will.

In addition, practicing your spirituality empowers you to confidently pursue your chosen path regardless of external expectations or societal norms. By nurturing your power of choice, you can create your own unique path to personal fulfillment and a meaningful existence.

Surrendering To Destiny

If free will is at the center of our daily reality, the idea of fate or predestination seems counterintuitive. However, it is in our best interest to also embrace fate as a natural part of the human experience and our karmic journey.

By surrendering to the unseen forces of fate and divine intervention, we learn to cultivate resilience and find meaning in adversity, ultimately harnessing even more power to shape our destiny. Everything that happens in our lives that we did not choose, happens for a reason. Whether it is good, bad, or ugly, it always serves our highest good in ways we cannot always see or understand at the time.

Embracing fate means acknowledging the unpredictability of life and finding the strength to navigate its uncertainties while trusting the process. Like a sturdy tree that bends but does not break in the face of a storm, embracing fate cultivates resilience. It allows us to develop a deep inner strength that empowers us to face life’s challenges with courage and agency.

Rather than trying to resist the inevitable, accepting fate allows us to adapt and bounce back from adversity, ultimately shaping our destiny in a better way than we might have been able to before the bad things happened!

When faced with unforeseen circumstances, those who embrace fate often find themselves searching for deeper meaning and purpose in the midst of the trials they face. Like a tapestry woven from threads of both light and dark colors, the interplay of fate and adversity creates a rich tapestry of experiences that shape our character and outlook on life.

Embracing fate can lead to deep introspection as we strive to find spiritual meaning and karmic lessons in the complexities of our journey. Rather than being passive observers or victims of fate, those who embrace fate actively seek to uncover the meaning behind the challenges they face, creating their own narratives and reshaping their destinies in the process.

Embracing the unseen forces of fate is not a passive surrender, but a powerful act of self-empowerment and spiritual transcendence. By embracing destiny and surrendering to divine will and the mysteries of the universe, we harness the resilience and meaning-making capacities that enable us to live our best, most meaningful lives!

How do you feel about this cosmic dance between free will and fate? Whichever side you choose and whatever your future may hold, know that you can at the very least change your negativity right now by choosing to focus on the positive and hopeful aspects of each and every situation. I had the best years of my life with my late husband, and today the presence of his spirit still keeps me strong and happy. I also know that one day we will be reunited.

Live your life to the fullest every day and embrace your destiny, for better or worse. Don’t wait for life to pass you by. Take back your personal power today.


Mystic Carli 

  About The Author: Mystic Carli

Carli is an international psychic advisor, based in Canada. She is a Certified Early Childhood Educator with a background in Communication and Psychology from Capilano and Douglas Colleges in British Columbia. Carli currently team teaches full day Junior and Senior Kindergarten for the puplic school board in Ontario. When she is not working with children, Carli is available on Psychic Access. She loves to help people from all walks of life, all over the world with her unique and gifted psychic abilities, to guide them on their special pathway in life. Carli possesses the qualities of a kind, caring and compassionate individual with sensitivity and empathy in regards to the needs of others.



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