Ascending The Legacy Of Your Ancestral Karmic Debt

Spiritually ascending woman healing her ancestral karmic legacy Spiritually ascending woman healing her ancestral karmic legacy Spiritually ascending woman healing her ancestral karmic legacy Spiritually ascending woman healing her ancestral karmic legacy  

We are spiritually at a pivotal time in human history. As part of our accelerated ascension journey the Universe is now holding our generation accountable for the karmic accumulation of the past 2000 years and beyond, both collectively and in our personal ancestral lineages.

This is a very difficult yet exciting evolutionary time for humanity. By adopting a lifestyle of conscious living and spiritual healing, we can transmute and sanctify our karmic burden. If we do not accept the necessary spiritual responsibility in proportion to our ancestral karmic burden, our personal power and soul growth will increasingly weaken.

Ascension is achieved by raising our consciousness to a higher vibrational frequency. It’s like upgrading our spiritual software to a version more in tune with the energies of universal love, wisdom and unity.

It is like climbing a celestial staircase, each step symbolizing a shift in consciousness and a closer connection to the Divine. It is a process that requires us to transcend old patterns, release non-serving attachments, and embrace a higher state of being.

As we ascend, we become more attuned to our true divine nature and the interconnectedness of our existence. It’s not just an individual journey; it’s like joining a cosmic dance in which the collective consciousness also participates in this uplifting symphony.

Our Individual Role In Ascension

As glorious and grand as the concept of Ascension may seem at first glance, it is important to understand that it is actually a massive global energy shift that ultimately depends on the humble efforts and small steps each of us takes in our own lives every day. We are not the only ones affected by our efforts to reach higher levels of consciousness. Our personal spiritual growth and karmic healing also serves to heal the world, one person at a time.

As the legacies of both our own failures of free will and our generational karma are cleansed and sanctified, we access divine consciousness at a much higher vibration and become able to truly empathize with those who continue to struggle. We gain the power to shine our divine light and no longer have a self-righteous interest in judging the weaknesses and shortcomings of others! And when lower vibrational souls see us shining with empathy and transforming the etheric cords of our past, they are drawn to us for their awakening and healing.

Each step on our personal ladder of ascension is a small but vital movement upward and forward. Some of us need even smaller intervals between steps, while others may be able to take larger leaps at a time, but that doesn’t make those of us who are “small steppers” any less worthy of the journey. Humility, combined with faith, gratitude and a joyful spirit, is what invites healing and abundance into our lives. It also frees people from their self-destructive addictions, desires and excesses.

I, too, consider myself a small stepper, but I take pride in knowing that I am making a little progress every day. And whenever I find myself struggling to cope with the challenges of life or the demands of our co-created reality, I know it is time to step up my spiritual program. For me, this includes a daily prayer to my Higher Power:

God, this is the best that I can do today. I know that tomorrow will take care of itself as I continue my ascension journey. Please help me to heal and sanctify my mind, body and soul beyond what a mere mortal can accomplish in one day.

Similarly, when I recognize that I need to cut etheric ties with those in my life who don’t deserve my presence, I accept the challenge and instead invest the energy in taking the next step in my assertiveness and self-healing journey.

Our Inheritance Of Generational Karma

Understanding the impact of our ancestors’ choices and experiences on our present lives is an essential step on the ascension ladder. By addressing these deep-rooted ancestral legacies, we pave the way for a brighter, more positive future.

Just as we inherit physical traits from our ancestors, we also inherit some of their toxic legacies and unresolved karmic debts. The choices, actions, and behaviors of our ancestors created energetic footprints that continue to influence and direct our lives. In particular, generational karma manifests as recurring patterns or toxic themes in family dynamics and personal choices that may seem inexplicable without consideration of the broader ancestral context.

The Impact Of Our Ancestral Legacy

Our ancestral legacy encompasses the cultural, psychological, and spiritual heritage passed down to us through many generations. It includes traditions, beliefs, and the lkarmic residue of past traumas and transgressions.

Our ancestral heritage influences our values, perspectives, and even our subconscious patterns of behavior. The karmic imprints of our ancestors can result in self-sabotaging beliefs, low self-esteem, and a sense of disconnection from our true self. In addition, the psychological effects can contribute to anxiety disorders, depression, and unresolved grief passed down through the ancestral lineage.

Understanding and acknowledging this legacy is essential to gaining personal and spiritual insight into one’s own identity and healing from intergenerational wounds. By recognizing the impact of our ancestral legacy, we begin to better navigate its influence and heal its negative consequences.

Recognizing Ancestral Energy Imprints

Generational karma shapes our experiences and behaviors, often without our conscious awareness. The accumulated energy footprints of past generations manifests in our lives as choices, fears, beliefs, and attitudes. Acknowledging the influence of generational karma opens the door to understanding our personal challenges and strengths. Through increased awareness, we can identify recurring patterns and break free from harmful cycles, allowing for deep healing.

Recognizing toxic energy imprints and generational karmic debt begins with identifying negative patterns and behaviors in your own life that may have been passed down through generations. These may manifest as recurring themes of addiction, dysfunctional relationships, or unresolved family trauma. It may involve acknowledging cycles of abuse, emotional repression, or unhealthy coping mechanisms that have been normalized in your family’s legacy.

Understanding the physical, psychological, and spiritual impact of these ancestral imprints is critical. It involves delving into the deep-seated fears, anxieties, and insecurities that have been perpetuated by generational karma. This is a personal healing mission that requires a great deal of courage and determination, but it is well worth the effort, for the burden of carrying and perpetuating it for future generations is unbearable, and truly unconscionable.

Honoring Those Who Came Before Us

However, healing our ancestral karmic legacy also requires compassion in recognizing the struggles of our ancestors, as well as honoring their triumphs. It also means appreciating their journey and acknowledging the positive impact they have had on our present reality. For resentment, blame, anger and bitterness are certainly not attachments that promote true healing and spiritual ascension.

It is no accident that honoring our elders and ancestors is a deeply rooted practice across various spiritual traditions and cultures. These practices serve as a way to respect, connect, and draw wisdom from those who have come before us.

Confucianism considers honoring elders and ancestors as a fundamental virtue called xiao, which means filial piety. This virtue emphasizes respect and care for one’s parents, grandparents, and other elders. It also includes honoring the memory of deceased ancestors through rituals and memorial ceremonies.

Buddhism emphasizes the cycle of rebirth and the importance of cultivating compassion for all beings, including ancestors. Ancestor worship is practiced in many Buddhist traditions, often involving prayers and offerings of food, water, and incense at special altars set up in homes or temples.

Taoism views ancestors as sources of wisdom and guidance. Ancestor worship is a central practice in Taoist traditions, involving offerings of food, wine, incense, and prayers. These offerings are believed to help nourish the spirits of the ancestors and ensure their well-being in the afterlife.

Christianity considers honoring one’s parents to be a fundamental principle. The concept appears prominently in both the Old and New Testaments. The fifth commandment, “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you,” is repeated several times and emphasized in various passages. In Mark 7:10-13, Jesus emphasizes that honoring one’s parents is essential for fulfilling the law and pleasing God. And in Ephesians 6:2-3, Paul states that honoring our parents is the first command with a promise, leading to a long, happy life.

Shamanic traditions view ancestors as spiritual guides and mediators between the physical and spiritual realms. Shamans seek guidance and wisdom from their ancestors through ritual, meditation, and dreams.

Indigenous traditions typically have deeply rooted practices for honoring the ancestors. These practices often include ceremonies, rituals, and storytelling that connect living communities to their ancestral heritage. Indigenous traditions also view ancestors as guardians and protectors of the land and culture.

A personal favorite is the “Day of the Dead,” a multi-day observance celebrated in Mexico and other Latin American countries. It is a vibrant celebration of life and death. The tradition involves honoring deceased loved ones with ofrendas, elaborate altars decorated with flowers, candles, food and personal items. It is seen as a time to reconnect with the ancestors and celebrate their contributions to the lives of the living.

These examples illustrate the diversity of ways in which honoring elders and ancestors is practiced across various spiritual traditions. These practices provide a way to connect with our past, seek guidance and wisdom from those who have gone before us, and cultivate a sense of gratitude for the generations that came before us.

By accepting both the good and the bad of our ancestral legacy with love and compassion, we not only accept our personal karmic responsibility to seek healing, but we also learn from both the wisdom and the mistakes of those who came before us. We can also find strength and inspiration in the resilience and tenacity that some of our ancestors have demonstrated, sometimes against many odds. This compassionate approach allows for deep healing as we integrate the positive aspects of our ancestral heritage, while releasing the burdens of that which no longer serve us.

Our Personal Karmic Responsibility

The first step in healing generational karma and the unwanted aspects of our ancestral legacy is to acknowledge personal responsibility. By recognizing the potential impact of our own free will actions and attitudes on our own lives and those of future generations, we empower ourselves to break free from negative, toxic patterns and resolve our karmic debts.

Accepting personal responsibility means making conscious choices to prioritize healing, forgiveness and growth. While it may require deep self-reflection, accountability, and the willingness to fearlessly face uncomfortable truths, it is also the foundation for creating a new, positive legacy for ourselves, our children’s children, and the rest of the world.

Ways To Heal Your Ancestral Karma

To take the next vital step up the ascension ladder, by resolving your generational karma and transforming your ancestral legacy, consider incorporating some or all of the following practices into your healing journey. These practices and others potentially form a tapestry of healing that connects past, present and future. Each thread will help transform your generational karmic poverty and pain into a legacy of abundance, wisdom and love.


Immerse yourself in your family history. Understanding the stories, struggles, and triumphs of your ancestors can reveal patterns that need healing. It’s like shining a light on the roots to nourish the whole tree. Initiate open conversations with family members. Share your insights and experiences and create a space where healing can be a collective endeavor. Open and honest communication is a powerful healing tool.


Mediumship readings offer many ways to heal generational karma and create a more fulfilling, purposeful life. By working with an experienced and gifted medium, you can communicate with deceased loved ones, ancestors, or other spirit entities to identify the origins of generational karmic patterns, discover the truth, receive guidance and insight, facilitate forgiveness, and find closure. Be sure to find a reputable psychic medium or trance channeler to work with.


Not all ancestral karma is the result of the choices and actions of those who came before us. Some of it is our own doing! Past life regression therapy can help you identify and heal ancestral karma by accessing and processing memories of past life events and experiences. It is important to work with a qualified practitioner who is experienced in past life regression or past life readings. They should be able to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your past lives.


A gifted past life psychic or medium can channel valuable information and insights about your past life experiences and provide insight into the karmic patterns you may be carrying. This information can then be used to work on healing these patterns and creating a more positive future. Past life readings can help you connect on a deeper level with your spiritual purpose and better understand your place in the universe.


A gifted past life psychic or medium can channel valuable information and insights about your past life experiences and provide insight into the karmic patterns you may be carrying. This information can then be used to work on healing these patterns and creating a more positive future. Past life readings can help you connect on a deeper level with your spiritual purpose and better understand your place in the universe.


Various shamanic practices from different cultural traditions offer a unique and powerful approach to healing ancestral karma. These practices recognize the deep connection between our past and present and provide tools for releasing and transforming inherited patterns of suffering.

A common shamanic practice for ancestral healing is a journey to the spirit world. This involves entering an altered state of consciousness, often through drumming, chanting, or meditation, to connect with the spiritual realm. In this state, you can communicate with your ancestors, seek guidance from spirit guides, and gain insight into your ancestral karma.

Other powerful traditions include sacred fire ceremonies, ancestral altar offerings, and soul retrieval and salvation. It is recommended that you find a reputable practitioner to guide you through the process.


Nurturing positive energy involves cultivating habits and thought processes that promote overall well-being and personal growth. By nurturing positive energy within ourselves, we contribute to intergenerational wellness, creating a ripple effect that influences our descendants. Embracing the power of positivity and intentionally fostering a healthy environment sets the stage for breaking the cycle of generational karma and launching a new legacy of strength and resilience.

Energy clearing techniques such as smudging with sage or other cleansing herbs, using crystals, and practicing visualization exercises can help release negative energy and foster a sense of renewal. Use energy healing techniques such as Reiki or chakra balancing to release blocked energy and heal ancestral patterns.

Practice a meditation that focuses on healing generational wounds. Visualize yourself breaking free from negative ancestral patterns and creating a new, positive ancestral legacy. Imagine a healing light permeating your ancestral lineage, bringing peace and resolution to any lingering karmic imprints.


Engage in simple personal rituals or ceremonies to connect with your ancestors. Begin by acknowledging your ancestors. Create a sacred space or designated area to honor their presence, express gratitude for their gifts and teachings, and acknowledge any unresolved energies.

Decorate an ancestral altar with photos, mementos, and symbols that represent your lineage. This serves as a tangible reminder of your connection to the past. Offerings such as candles, flowers, or symbolic items are also a powerful way to bridge the realms.

Create a forgiveness ritual to forgive your ancestors for their mistakes and to free yourself from the burden of inherited pain. Forgiveness is a liberating power. It doesn’t mean condoning actions, but releasing the emotional charge.


Attend workshops focused on generational healing and transcending ancestral legacy. Connecting with others on a similar path offers support and shared insights, creating a powerful collective healing experience.


Channel your thoughts, feelings and experiences through creative outlets. Whether it’s writing, painting, or dancing, artistic expression can be a cathartic way to release and transform energy. Write or journal about your experiences with ancestral karma and reflect on what you can do to heal and transform your ancestral lineage.


If needed, consider seeking the guidance of a therapist, energy healer, or spiritual mentor specializing in generational healing. They can offer personalized insights and support on your journey.

Now, we will not become perfectly enlightened or sanctified on this present journey. But that is okay! Our residual karma absorbs equal and abundant Dharma to offset the negative, and it eventually lifts us out of the state of karmic pain and poverty into which most of us were born. Let us continue to rise as the Way Showers of Love and Light in the dawn of this new age, like the phoenix rising from the ashes.



  About The Author: Esther

Esther knows the best way to survive trauma is to keep looking for the positives in life! She left a successful career as a pharmacist in 2017, to help others see their way through the darkness. She honed her psychic gifts and developed strong counseling skills that helped thousands. She hosts her own radio show on Wednesdays and has been a sought after guest on other programs. An expert in Astrology and Tarot, she maintains a list of 250 personal clients, she's served over 2000 clients from all walks of life, and has dispensed accurate information and insights to those in need. She uses a holistic approach that allowed her to deal with her own serious illness and avoid an organ transplant! In life, she's conquered pill addiction, divorce, a serious illness and has the life experience to help others overcome their own obstacles too. For over 10 years, she led an education group for psychiatric patients and has an acquired wealth of knowledge in general health and wellness. There's no better door to knock on than Esther's. This gifted intuitive has walked in your shoes and has come out the other side healthy, happy and fulfilled.



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