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You've no doubt heard of PsychicWeb, our former internet-based business. In light of its success and the increasing demands from our broad clientele, we've decided to branch out by offering new internet services for psychic readings and advice. Please read on to get a sense of where we've been, where we are now, and where we'll be headed in the future.

 Our Past

In May of 2000, after being barraged by Miss Cleo ads on television, we made a decision to bring psychic services to the internet in a way that had never been done before. We felt customers could more effectively bond with their favorite psychics if they could see them live on camera in the comfort of their own homes. So in June of 2000, work began in earnest on the development of PsychicWeb.

It was a very large undertaking that took six solid months of research, graphic design and programming to complete. In late December of 2000, PsychicWeb opened its doors to rave reviews. But, the work was not yet complete. In order to have a successful site, you need traffic. Another three months was spent developing PsychicRevenue, the affiliate program for PsychicWeb. Webmasters couldn't get our advertising materials up fast enough, and soon they were raking in the cash, hand over fist, by promoting our site.

Within eighteen months, PsychicWeb became the largest and most successful internet site of its kind. There were those who tried to open competing sites, but none of them are around today. Unfortunately, paid membership sites fell out of favor with the general public and PsychicWeb closed on October 15th, 2008.

 The Present

Due to recent advances in technology and the wide use of broadband, we decided to build a site where customers could obtain "readings on demand" via phone, video/chat, or audio/video. "Psychic Access" is the perfect complement to our membership based PsychicWeb, and offers a whole new look and feel.

The same highly talented team that was responsible for PsychicWeb is now working to complete our new flagship product. It's an exciting time as development draws to a close and the launch of PsychicAccess is only a few short weeks away. It's now time to start putting together a cracker jack team of psychic advisors to handle the large volume of customers we expect on opening day. If you are as passionate about us as we are about having you on board, please read on, and don't forget to view the section on "Benefits" to learn all that we will be doing for you.

 Our Future

Rapid expansion of broadband internet access across our country--with availability reaching nearly every household by 2006--assures that Psychic Access will be the site people will click on when they want psychic readings and advice. We are positioning ourselves at exactly the right time, with projections going through the roof. We know beyond any doubt that Psychic Access is going to take the net by storm, dominating its competition in record time.

With a solid business and marketing plan in place, there will be no stopping Psychic Access. We have seen and avoided the pitfalls other companies have encountered while maintaining the important balance of keeping both the customer and our psychic staff happy. If you're looking to satisfy your personal and financial needs while helping others, look no further. You've found a home.

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