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Though there's a lot to read in this section, we're loaded with benefits you'll want to read about. Psychic Access is proud to provide you with detailed information on the following topics:

  • A Proven Track Record
  • Rock Solid Management
  • Free Technical Support
  • Commitment To Quality
  • We Promote You
  • We Deliver Customers

 A Proven Track Record

We are in our fifth year of providing psychic services on the internet. Year after year sees unprecendented growth in traffic, customers and psychic advisors. Our steady growth demonstrates our skill and competence as leaders. Since our inception, paychecks have been delivered to each and every psychic on time, and without incident. The same can be said for our affiliate program. We've worked hard to earn our golden reputation and have proven that we have what it takes to succeed. Unlike other flavor-of-the-month sites that are here today and gone tomorrow, we remain a strong fixture in the psychic marketplace.

 Rock Solid Management

We are not a Fortune 500 company, dabbling in the psychic arena; we are a privately held company whose mission is to provide quality psychic services to the public, and to ensure that our psychics are adequately compensated, respected and treated fairly.

At the helm is a man we fondly call "DC" Since 1973, Doug has worked in Information Technology. From owning his own mainframe consulting company to his Internet endeavors, time and again, he's proven to be like King Midas, turning everything he touches to gold. He's worked closely with some of the leading financial institutions in the US and IBM. He has studied with some of the most brilliant minds in the business world. Though he's a gifted psychic in his own right, he prefers the business end. Doug has put together an outstanding team of professionals to assist him in the smooth operation of Psychic Access. What's nice about working here is the extra mile everyone is willing to go because of their mutual respect for what Doug has been able to accomplish and all that he is yet to achieve in the future.

Doug believes less is more. He operates PsychicAccess on the principal, if you want to make money, you will login work. There are no quotas, scripts to read from or micro-management.

 Free Technical Support

If your computer is not working right it's hard for you to do your job. As long as you are working at PsychicAccess, you get FREE technical support regardless if it is directly work related or not. Having serviced over 250 PC's, we can get your computer running like new again. Just let us know and we're there to help you out. Use us a resource when you are shopping for a new PC or laptop. We're here to help.

 Commitment To Quality

Quality is our number one priority. We carefully plan and execute every move we make. Our websites are tested on all browsers to guarantee compatibility and we carefully proofread our work to ensure there will be no embarrassing errors. Our websites are the user-friendliest of any you'll encounter; they are well organized and fast loading. Hundreds of man hours go into the design, color choices and graphics in all of our sites and marketing materials. One of the main reasons we stand out from the pack is our "attention to detail." We miss nothing.

 We Promote You

...and we don't charge you for it! Once you're hired, we ask you to provide some background material. From that information, one of our editors will create a professional profile that will be displayed on PsychicAccess and 70+ feeder sites. Your photo and your introduction on the home page will change its position every hour so that we can guarantee you will be featured on page one at least once a day. Remember, your listing will appear on Psychic Access, along with the 70+ co-branded sites we own, AND all the co-branded sites our affiliates own too. How's that for exposure?

Not only are you publicized on Psychic Access, you will also be a featured reader, at least once a year for an entire month, on Psychic Lynx, one of the net's largest psychic link sites. Your photo and profile will be seen by tens of thousands of surfers during that month.

Every psychic gets to be a featured psychic in our critically acclaimed newsletter site, "Psychic Times." One section will be devoted to Psychic Access' new psychics, where you'll be featured for an entire month. Our editor will be interviewing psychics for an in-depth story that will delve much deeper than your profile. Each time your interview appears, BAM, more exposure. In addition, Selene, our editor, will be including "how-to" articles on various topics. If you'd like to see an article of yours published in our newsletter, by all means, submit your story.

You'll have the opportunity to create videos which we aggresively promote to over 36 video sites on the Internet. From your raw footage we edit, mix and produce a professional quality webmercial of you. When someone types your stagename in a search engine, people will find you at PsychicAccess.

 We Deliver Customers

You can't make money if you can't deliver paying customers. Unlike other psychic businesses on the net who rely on one or two methods to attract surfers, we incorporate a much broader plan. Our affiliate program, has over 1,500 affiliates that actively promote PsychicAccess. We also publish daily and monthly horoscopes and e-mail them to over 50,000 subscribers. Each e-mail contains a "sponsored by" message and only our sites are advertised on them. PsychicLynx.com, one of the net's premiere psychic link sites, sends a tremendous amount of traffic our way. Then there's our Psychic Grid co-branding, which has proven to be a marvelous tool. Search engines will also play a role in driving customers to you. Our sites enjoy a high ranking, as do many of our affiliates. Lastly, there is print media and radio advertising. As you can see, we cover all bases in our efforts to land paying customers. We never stop thinking of ways to help you, and we entertain all ideas to increase traffic.

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