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This section is VERY long and we beg your indulgence. Please take the time to go over the charts and graphs. We're disclosing information that is 100% accurate and honest, and you'd be hard pressed to find this level of transparency anywhere else. We deem this information vital in your decision making process.

Let me first assure you that here at Psychic Access, you'll receive an honest and fair commission on your sales. With any business there are expenses. Psychic Access absorbs the total cost of the phone lines, server hosting, bandwidth charges. We split the remaining expenses 50/50 with the psychic. The expenses we split are the transaction processing fee charged by our credit card processor and the advertising expense. Because we accept credit cards online where swiping a physical credit card is impossible, we fall into a risk class of merchants that have to pay upwards of 15%. Due to our history with our processor, we have negotiated a lower rate of 10%. Our advertising expense is 50 cents a minute which gets paid to our affiliates and to our other advertisers. Now that you have some background, you'll understand our formula for compensation.

Per minute rate  X  number of minutes  =  gross  -  10% cc fee  -  $.55/min advertising  =  net

You receive 60% of the net, the house receives 40%. That's it, clear and simple. We have prepared some charts and graphs that will show you this formula in action based on different per minute charges that you set for yourself. The first set of charts depict how the per minute rate you select is divided. Please note that the higher the per minute rate, the greater your percentage gets.

Yes, we know you're thinking, the pie charts are nice, but show me the money. How much you earn is determined by how much you charge. Refer to our graph and you'll see exactly where the money goes.

To more clearly illustrate what portion you'll receive based on the amount you charge per minute, we have another graph. The "Psychic" portion in this graph, will blow your mind.

Oh no, not another graph. We promise you, it's the last. So far, we've been communicating in minutes. Now, you should see how these minutes translate into an hourly rate. This chart will help you determine what rate per minute you want to charge. While viewing it, remember that you work from home and have almost no overhead. Keeping that thought in mind, now compare your hourly rates to what office people are earning.

Don't be fooled by other sites that brag they offer the highest salaries. Read carefully. Every business has its costs, and we have explained ours to you in excruciating detail. They may claim their costs are lower because they use Paypal. While that is true, they fail to mention that when their chargeback rates hit a certain level, Paypal will immediately cut them off and freeze their money for 180 days. Their employees are unable to receive their paychecks, namely YOU, and essentially the owners are out of business. We've seen this happen, and it's not a pretty picture. Now, read on. We have more ways for you to make money.

 Additional Ways To Make Money

As you've already read, we have the net's best psychic affiliate program. Take advantage of this program and you will increase your income. If you have a web page, you can insert our marketing materials. For each person you send to Psychic Access, you'll earn $.50/minutes on every reading they receive with any psychic of their choice, each and every time they visit Psychic Access.

Don't have a web page? No problem. You can still become an affiliate. We'll create special links for you that you can tack on to the end of your e-mail as a signature, or add to your business cards. We'll even create mini flyers for you to distribute at fairs or post onto bulletin boards in supermarkets, libraries and bookstores. Have an idea? Let us know how we can assist you. Here at Psychic Access, it's our job to help you earn money.

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