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Strongly psychic since childhood, my personal ethical code includes no judgment, positive posture and full disclosure. My intention is to use my tools to work with our Guides to provide direction, hope and healing for the highest spiritual good of all.

Speaks: English
Specialties:  Tarot Readings, Oracle Readings, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Mediumship, Dream Interpretation, Channeling, Astrology, I Ching.


Traci's been able to connect with Spirits and has had prophetic dreams since early childhood. Not all imaginary playmates are imaginary. From elementary school, deceased relatives would communicate to her. Sometimes she'd see them, other times hear them. Many family members, from both sides, possessed various psychic abilities. Early mentors were her great-grandmother--a healer—and her great-aunt, who first taught her card reading as a teenager, before moving on to Tarot and Oracle Cards. Other mentors appeared as she was ready. Over her lifetime, Traci has spent thousands of hours in prayer and meditation, her Guides and Angels proving to be her greatest teachers. Approximately 15 years ago, they suggested she take up automatic writing, which has proven to be an amazing tool to advance her growth and development. A voracious reader, through the magic of books, she's learned astrology, I Ching, dream interpretation, chakra work, the properties and benefits of various crystals, and how our animal spirits can help us. And she continues to learn! She's attended bimonthly Energy Circles and Mediumship Development Circles, for the past four years, since moving to North Texas. Currently, she is a member of the Dallas Psychic Fair community.


For over thirty years, Traci has read Tarot and passed on messages of Mediumship for friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers. As her children and social circle grew, more people began requesting her services. Five years ago, she took a leap of faith and began operating her own professional service out of her home. Working one on one with clients, she's provided them with a variety of services, including: Tarot, detailed astrological charts, I Ching readings, dream interpretations, and Mediumship services. Most clients prefer Tarot for quick and easy access to information about their lives. She's often asked to work parties, private group events, fairs and festivals. She's provided accurate readings for people of all ages, sexes, races, faiths, and socio-economic groups. Initially, her work involved clients either coming to her home, or she going to theirs. When she moved four years ago, all of that suddenly changed. She began reading for clients over the phone--mostly via her website--discovering that she really enjoys doing readings that way! It helps her to focus more clearly on what her Guides and the Guides of her clients are trying to transmit through her. But, have no fear, Traci continues to provide face-to-face readings at the Dallas Psychic Fair that she faithfully attends the first Sunday of every month.

Personal Information

Traci is a double ram with both her sun and moon in the fiery, divining sign of Aries, and her ascendant in another fire sign of Sagittarius. Her sister is the oldest Cancer daughter of an oldest Cancer daughter of an oldest Cancer daughter. Needless to say, she has benefited greatly from having generations of nurturing women in her life. Her father was, and her sons are, strong and supportive men. She's truly blessed to be surrounded by such positive role models. Traci has lived in Texas for all of her life. She grew up on the coast, where she loved going to the beach whenever she liked. She later lived in the Houston area, where she raised her family, her grown, uplifting sons still residing there. Shortly after deciding to dedicate herself to her spiritual work and practice, she faced a period of personal upheaval. The universe decided she needed to be replanted, and she ended up in Dallas four years ago. A lover of pets, there are two dogs that round out her family. That Sagittarius rising sign (higher knowledge and publishing) revealing itself, she is a published writer of poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction. Currently, she is working on a new novel. She greatly enjoys all the arts, creative people inspiring and uplifting her. She laughs loudly and tries to find reasons to do so as often as she possibly can.


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