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Wondering where you belong in this great universe? Let me help guide you through the door with the key you hold in your hands. I deliver straight-to-the-point answers with warm compassion and empathy for all you are facing.

Speaks: English, Spanish
Specialties:  Mediumship, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Spiritual Awareness, Love and Relationships, Loss and Grief, Career and Prosperity.


Pete discovered at 10 who he was, after his mom took him to a psychiatrist, worrying about the voices he'd been hearing. It was then that he knew he was special, though he chose to hide it from friends while growing up. Thanks to his grandmother, a Spiritual Priestess who held weekly séances, Pete settled down and learned to help others with his gifts. Through his grandmother, he learned he was a Medium and started to read numerous books and study Psychics and Mediums throughout his life. He built on his gifts by talking to the Spirits, then relaying their messages to others. Pete descends from Santeria and Palo priests and has mastered the mysteries that are part of his ancestry. He's practiced for 20+ years and has had a lifetime of seeing and hearing words of encouragement from the other side. But he's also learned from the many psychic friends he enjoys. He's sampled both good and bad experiences but wouldn't change a thing about his life! Though he's suffered many ups and downs, thanks to his Spirit Guides, he's still able to move forward in his quest to help others. He nearly left this world in 2015, but it was GOD and the Spirits that kept him around!


For 20+ years, Pete has maintained a thriving Spiritual practice that includes working from home or visiting a séance. He's an online presence but is also a real time psychic, providing readings on elevators, boats, in cars, on trains, and in the park. He's a bilingual practitioner (Spanish/English), who has read for many clients all over the world, answering questions on all topics of life. Clients include doctors, lawyers, pilots, flight attendants, other Mediums, and even pastors--you name it! They come before him to seek guidance on their life's journey. In addition, Pete has made over 3000 friends happy! He's reunited many with loved ones, referred others to the doctor for unforeseen illnesses, and provided warnings on upcoming events--both the good and the bad. He's foretold pregnancies, cleansed auras and cleared homes to restore the balance. He's sat with many Mediums and Psychics along his journey, discovering the power inside us all that is both marvelous and mysterious! He hails from a spiritual family, and has a spiritual wife, who can see into the mysteries of the universe. Pete Knows there's life after death, which can bring peace and harmony to the world, one person at a time.

Personal Information

Pete is a courageous Aries, born in the year of the snake (1965), on the 99th Friday of the year. He's from NYC (Brooklyn), the son of a great mother and father, and was raised in Bedford Stuyvesant with two brothers and two sisters. He became a dad at 17, which forced him to grow up at a young age. He joined the Army for 7 years as a combat signaler, traveling to many places and seeing many amazing things. But he still couldn't find his calling. Then he met his wife who saw something in him, a deep need to help others with his Spiritual Guides as a Medium. Since childhood, he's had contact with the Spirit world, but was afraid to take it to the public sphere, despite his grandmother's earlier message that this was something he'd have to do. With the support of his nurturing wife (a Cancer), he fully embraced his calling. Pete has six children: 1--Sagittarius, 2--Gemini, 2--Aquarius, and 1—Leo. Funny, how the 2 mutable and 2 fixed signs perfectly oppose one another! Pete also has many animals: Lilo and Waffles (dogs), Jose (rabbit), Gertrude (guinea pig), and a pet fish. Pete is a regular person on this Earth, here to help others with his gift. He looks forward to journeying down this path with you.


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