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I invite those in search of guidance to receive a direct and compassionate reading from an experienced energy reader. Specializing in Intuitive Channeled Guidance, I will tune directly into the heart of your matter and deliver the answers you seek.

Speaks: English
Specialties:  Empath, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Counseling,


Since she was a small child, Isthemus has always felt other peoples emotions. When she was young, the inability to distinguish her emotions from others was certainly a struggle. Isthemus always had a "Knowing", although the belief in such things was frowned upon within her family. As she got older she met her her first Spiritual Advisors. They taught her how to safely channel messages and they shared their spiritual knowledge with her. Her abilities then became part of her daily life and she has proudly shared her gifts with others for over 30 years now.


Isthemus has continued to grow and develop her abilities, never having to advertise. Her steady and loyal clientele come to her by referral only, and there is never a shortage of work for this gifted Empath. Isthemus also owns and operates her own metaphysical company, a venture that has afforded her the opportunity to expand her growing clientele. She specializes in Intuitive Counseling, whereby she connects with her clients through discussion, with an emphasis on the situations they are looking to resolve. She emphatically connects with their emotional state and guides them to the answers they seek by addressing their emotional, physical and spiritual roadblocks with a no-nonsense approach.

Personal Information

Isthemus was born August 10th, 1965, the youngest of three. She is a true Leo with a strong personality, a love for laughter, and an appreciation for time spent with family and close friends. Writing, gardening, painting and cooking are among her passions. A former restaurant owner, she enjoys cooking for family, friends and clients, and is often glued to The Food Channel.


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