Children Who Remember Past Lives

Psychic child remembers past life trauma Psychic child remembers past life trauma Psychic child remembers past life trauma Psychic child remembers past life trauma  

Have you ever wondered where moles come from? Or if there is any connection between birthmarks and reincarnation?

I’m not talking about moles, which are hereditary. I’m talking about those brown or red spots also known as “strawberries” or “angel kisses. These marks usually appear at birth. Some are between the eyes, or on the neck, stomach, or lower back, basically anywhere.

And what about birth defects, developmental abnormalities, and even allergies like asthma? Or phobias that are inexplicably present in young children, such as fear of fire or heights, when these children have not experienced any trauma associated with these things.

Could these marks and phobias be evidence of past life trauma? It is not only occult and paranormal experts who believe that this may be the case, because it has been reported in scientific studies.

In parts of Asia, it is routinely practiced that when a person dies, a relative will mark the body with soot in the hope that the person will be reborn into the same family. The mark is said to become a birthmark by which family members can identify the deceased. It is considered proof of the rebirth of an old soul. I can’t imagine this tradition being passed down from generation to generation without some real evidence to justify its validity.

The concept of reincarnation has fascinated us for centuries. The phenomenon of past life memories has been reported in various cultures and belief systems. What is less commonly known is that some children also remember past lives. In fatc, there have been many documented cases of children making claims about past lives that have been surprisingly accurate.

Is it possible for children to remember past lives? While these memories are often attributed to mere imagination or fantasy, there is growing evidence that they are the result of reincarnation. The idea of children remembering specific details of a past life is both intriguing and perplexing.

Past life memories, also known as reincarnation or rebirth memories, refer to the recollection of past lives by both adults and children. In the case of children, these memories often include detailed descriptions of people, places, and events from a past time that they have no way of knowing. These memories may emerge spontaneously or at the prompting of adults, resulting in vivid accounts that seem beyond the scope of their current life experiences.

Famous Documented Cases

There are numerous documented cases in which children have apparently recalled past life information with remarkable accuracy. In these cases, children often recount intricate details about people who lived in a different time and place, demonstrating familiarity with places and events that they have never encountered in their current lives.

Such accounts have been studied and documented by researchers, adding to the mystery surrounding the phenomenon of past life memories in children. Some of the more famous examples include:

In 1892, one of the oldest documented cases was reported to the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper. Nellie’s father wrote to the newspaper about his daughter Nellie, who insisted on being called “Maria.” Maria happened to be the name of an older daughter the family had lost in infancy, three years before Nellie’s birth.

When Maria was alive, the family lived in Effingham, Illinois, from where they had moved before Nellie’s birth. When Nellie was nine years old, the family returned to Effingham, and Nellie immediately recognized the house where the family had lived. She also recognized several relatives and friends that Maria had known. When Nellie’s father took her to the school that Maria had attended, Nellie pointed out the desk that Maria had sat at and said, “That’s where I used to sit.”

In 1933, a 5-year-old Indian girl named Shanti Devi began claiming that she was the reincarnation of a woman named Lugdi Devi who had died in childbirth 30 years earlier. Shanti was able to describe Lugdi’s life in great detail, including her family, home, and daily routine. She even recognized people who had known Lugdi in her previous life.

In 1974, a 3-year-old boy named James Leininger began having vivid nightmares that he was a World War II Navy pilot who had been shot down over the Pacific Ocean. He would wake up screaming and calling out “Sully” and “Jesse.”

His parents, who were skeptical at first, began to investigate his claims and discovered that there had been a Navy pilot named Jesse Marcel who had been shot down over the Pacific in 1942. James was able to identify many details about Marcel’s life and death that were not publicly known, and he even drew pictures of the P-51 Mustang fighter plane that Marcel had flown.

In 1977, a 7-year-old girl named Carol Bowman began having vivid dreams about being a woman named Heather who lived in the early 1900s. Carol would wake up speaking with a British accent and recounting details of Heather’s life that were unknown to her family. She even demonstrated skills, such as playing the piano, that she had never learned in her own life.

In 2014, Rylann appeared on an episode of the television program Ghost Inside My Child when she was six years old. Before she began talking about her past life, Rylann showed signs of extreme emotional distress. She often sleepwalked and complained that her clothes “burned” the skin on her neck, shoulders, and back. Her family could not understand what was wrong because nothing in her short life could explain these reactions.

Over time, she began to recount events she remembered from a past life. These past-life memories were eventually traced to an actual person when Jennifer Schultz was identified as Rylann’s previous incarnation. The case was investigated by James Matlock, a leading reincarnation researcher, who traveled to Kenner, Louisiana, where Jennifer had lived, to speak with people who had known her personally. He found that not only were Rylann’s memories accurate, but that her personality and habits matched those of Jennifer.

These are just a few examples of the many cases of children remembering past lives. While there is no scientific consensus on the validity of these claims, they continue to fascinate people around the world.

My Own Experience

I know from first-hand experience helping a client in this regard that there is definitely something to it – at least something to consider. It all started when the client came to me for a past life reading for her young daughter.

From a very young age, about 15 to 18 months, the daughter of a faithful client became terrified of the police. If she was outside playing in the yard or in the pool and a police car drove by, her daughter would begin to cry, shake hysterically, and insist on going inside the house. She would stay there for the rest of the day. The little girl could also clearly distinguish between the police helicopter that patrolled our neighborhood and other helicopters. She would panic when the police helicopter flew overhead.

My client also told me that when she was a little over two years old, they had just returned from visiting the girl’s grandmother in another state. It was late when they finally got home. Some teenagers up the street were having a party and the police showed up. They blocked the street to break up the party. Their daughter was terrified and begged to go inside. She refused to look at them, insisted that her mother lock all the doors, and hid. This broke my heart.

As she held her and comforted her, she asked her why she was so afraid of the police. There was no obvious reason for her to act this way since she had never had any contact with the police? The two-year-old child then informed her that she had indeed been in contact with a police officer. But, she said, it happened long before she was her daughter, when she had a different name.

The girl apparently remembers that in this previous life she saw something she was not supposed to see, and to keep her quiet a corrupt policeman beat her. When she tried to crawl away, he shot her in the lower back, and when she turned to look back at him, he shot her in the forehead. After that, she said, he put her in the trunk of his car. Then she blacked out.

Now, this story was very specific, especially since it was told by a two-year-old child. As fantastic as this story sounds, she also gave specific names and places that we were later able to partially verify.

Strangely, her daughter was also born with a one-inch red mark on her forehead, between her eyes, and a mark on her nose! There is also a red mark that covers the lower part of the back of her head and neck. And another red mark on her lower back.

Each of these birthmarks are in the places where the little girl claims to have been shot in a previous life, except for the birthmark on the back of her head and neck. However, based on her description of events, these marks would be where the exit wound from the gunshot to her forehead was.

My client and I have since done extensive research to verify her claims. For privacy reasons, I cannot reveal the actual name of the police officer the girl named, but we have been able to identify a situation where a girl did indeed lose her life. Her case remains unsolved. Interestingly, it happened six months before my client’s daughter was born.

Scientific Perspectives

From a scientific and psychological standpoint, past life memories in children have been met with both skepticism and intrigue. While some researchers attribute such recollections to the product of imagination, fantasy, or influences from media and stories, others explore the possibility that these memories are related to inherited cultural knowledge or cryptomnesia – a phenomenon in which forgotten memories resurface without recognition of their origin.

Psychological perspectives delve into the intricate workings of memory and its susceptibility to suggestion, adding layers of complexity to the understanding of past life memories in children.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, a renowned psychiatrist and researcher, devoted decades of his life to investigating cases of children who claimed to remember past lives. His meticulous approach involved personally interviewing and documenting the experiences of these children, carefully corroborating their statements with the details of the deceased individuals they claimed to have been in their past lives.

By painstakingly studying over 2,500 cases of children with past-life memories, Dr. Stevenson developed a systematic and scientific approach, meticulously comparing the children’s statements with the lives and deaths of specific individuals from the past. His research aimed to validate the authenticity of these memories and to identify patterns or anomalies that might provide insight into the nature of consciousness and existence.

Building on Dr. Stevenson’s pioneering work, the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) continues to explore the intriguing phenomenon of past life memories in children. This esteemed academic institution has been at the forefront of conducting rigorous scientific research into phenomena that challenge conventional understanding, such as near-death experiences, past life memories, and other related topics.

Under the direction of Dr. Jim B. Tucker, DOPS has conducted extensive investigations into numerous cases of children reporting past life memories, using a multidisciplinary approach that integrates psychological, neurological, and cultural perspectives. Through its studies, DOPS seeks to unravel the mysteries surrounding consciousness, identity, and the potential continuity of life after death, and to contribute to a deeper understanding of the human experience.

Despite the research conducted by Dr. Stevenson and the University, the phenomenon of children remembering past lives continues to be met with skepticism by the scientific community. Many scientists argue that there is a lack of empirical evidence to support the claims of past life memories in children. They emphasize the need for rigorous scientific studies and empirical data to validate these claims. Skeptics often question the reliability of anecdotal accounts and argue that cultural and social influences may shape children’s purported memories.

Spiritual Perspectives

Different cultures and traditions have different beliefs about past lives. For example, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism believe in reincarnation, the concept that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in another physical form or body after biological death. In most beliefs involving reincarnation, a person’s soul is immortal and does not disperse after the physical body dies. After death, the soul is merely transferred to a newborn baby or animal to continue its immortality.

In various forms, reincarnation occurs as an esoteric belief in many streams of Judaism, certain Neo-Pagan religions including Wicca, and some beliefs of indigenous peoples of the Americas and indigenous Australians (although most believe in an afterlife or spirit world). A belief in the rebirth or migration of the soul, also known as metempsychosis, was expressed by certain ancient Greek historical figures, such as Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato.

Although the majority of denominations within Christianity and Islam do not believe in individual reincarnation, certain groups within these religious traditions do refer to reincarnation. These groups include the historical and contemporary mainstream followers of the Cathars, Alawites, Druze, and Rosicrucians.

Characteristics Of Children’s Past Life Memories

Children with past life memories often have recurrent and detailed memories of events, people, and places that they have never experienced in their present life. These memories are often incredibly vivid and specific, describing past life experiences with a level of detail that is implausible for their age and life experience.

TheIR memories can be so detailed that they accurately recall names, places, and events from a time long before they were born. This may include specific names, places, and personal details that are not part of their current upbringing. The child may also express strong emotional attachments to certain people or places that do not exist in their current family or environment. These may be past life parents, siblings, or even landmarks from their past life experiences.

They may also have a strong affinity for objects, occupations, or customs that are consistent with their past-life memories. For example, they may be attracted to certain clothing, musical instruments, or even languages that they have no connection to in their present life.

Some children exhibit sudden changes in personality, interests, or mannerisms that are consistent with their past-life memories. This may include adopting a more mature or serious demeanor, developing specific quirks or habits, or even expressing a preference for certain clothing or foods from their past life.

Children may demonstrate knowledge or skills that are not typically associated with their level of development or education. This may include proficiency in foreign languages, advanced musical talents, or specific historical knowledge that is not part of their current learning environment.

Some parents and observers describe children with past-life memories as having an “old soul” quality. They appear to be more insightful, compassionate, or wise beyond their years, suggesting an accumulation of life experience from previous existences.

In some cases, children who remember past lives bear birthmarks or physical features that closely resemble injuries or characteristics of their supposed past selves. These moles or physical resemblances are often seen as evidence supporting the idea of reincarnation, since they seem to match the child’s memories and experiences of past lives. While scientific explanations are sought, these cases continue to intrigue and puzzle many.

Children who exhibit these signs and characteristics often leave adults and researchers perplexed, prompting a deeper exploration of the nature of consciousness and the possibility of past lives. The outpouring of interest in this topic stems from the inexplicable nature of these experiences, sparking lively debate and piquing the curiosity of many.

Many children with past-life memories exhibit inexplicable fears and phobias that cannot be traced back to traumatic experiences in their present lives. These fears often coincide with the circumstances of their supposed past lives. For example, a child who claims to have drowned in a past life may exhibit an intense fear of water, even though they have never experienced a traumatic water-related event in their current life. These fears and phobias seem to be related to the memories and emotions of their past lives.

Children may experience vivid dreams or nightmares that recur to themes or events from their past lives. These dreams tend to be emotionally charged and may disrupt the child’s sleep patterns.

Supporting A Child With Past Life Memories

It is important for parents of past life recall children to foster open communication with their child. They should encourage them to share their experiences and feelings without judgment. Validating their feelings and memories can provide comfort and a sense of being understood. By creating a safe space for open dialogue, children can feel supported and less isolated in their unique experiences.

Emotional support is critical for children navigating past life memories. Caregivers should offer love, understanding, and reassurance to help the child process his or her emotions in a healthy way. Creating a nurturing environment where the child feels safe and accepted can help the child’s emotional well-being as they come to terms with their unique experiences.

However, if children are experiencing persistent and distressing past life memories, it is recommended that they seek professional guidance from therapists, counselors, or past life regression specialists who are experienced in working with past life memories in children. These professionals can provide a supportive environment for the child to explore and understand their memories, and offer insights and coping strategies for both the child and their caregivers.

The concept of children remembering past lives raises intriguing questions about its potential impact on their identity and overall development. It prompts us to consider how such memories may shape a child’s sense of self and understanding of the world around them.

In considering the ethical implications, it’s important to approach the issue with sensitivity, recognizing that these experiences may influence a child’s beliefs and behaviors. The potential impact on a child’s psychological well-being and personal development should also be considered, recognizing that these memories could potentially affect their worldview and relationships with others.



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