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Fulfilling your desire for guidance, healing, and peace is my calling. I will share over 20 years of experience as a Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader and Astrologer. Through Spirit, I will help guide you to a life of passion, purpose, magic and miracles!

Speaks: English
Specialties:  Love/Romance, Relationship, Career/Finance Advice, Coaching, Tarot, Channeling, Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Past Life Research, Pet Readings, Crystal Healing.


Amy was drawn to the metaphysical world as a child, seeing orbs and feeling spirits around her. She thought everyone could see and feel these magical entities. It was only years later that she realized she was blessed with a very special gift. She could tune-in to people on an intuitive level, understanding the worries or upsets of others, and advising them when they felt stuck or confused. Amy began exploring the Tarot, using it as a tool to harness her intuitive energies. She also delved into astrology, to master patterns and interpret a clientfs past, present, and future events. Developing these tools enhanced her gifts, enabling her to answer the lifelong inner call to help others. Soon after her mother passed, she found herself channeling her. Her mother revealed a wonderful surprise that no one else in the family knew about! Going forward, Amy felt emboldened to use her gifts to help improve lives. She meditates daily, an exercise that brings her a clarity and calmness to clearly deliver messages from Spirit Guides and the Universe. She empowers others and takes great joy in providing guidance and personal power to her clients. Over the years, shefs assisted hundreds of clients to find happiness, joy and to achieve their ultimate destiny.


One of Amy's earliest teachers was a renowned Psychic in Sedona, AZ, who was instrumental in encouraging her to start reading for others professionally. Amy studied Tarot and Astrology under Susan Blair-Hunt, and she is certified in both modalities. In 2000, she began reading for people in-person and online, on various metaphysical websites. Over the last 19 years, she has continued to expand her skills to include: channeling, dream interpretation, past life exploration and crystal healing. Amy has also provided pet psychic readings for loved ones and friends who lost a beloved pet or were worried about their pet's health or mood. Amazingly, Tarot works as well for animals as it does for people! Over the years, she has been a featured guest on metaphysical radio shows--providing impromptu readings for callers--and she has given talks on Tarot, Astrology, and how-to lectures to help people expand their own psychic abilities. She is a member of the Southwest Tarot Readers Association and follows the local chapter of Arizona's Astrology Association. Amy has worked with meeting and event planners, providing readings at conferences and corporate events. In 2001, she even provided a reading to a well-known crooner and his (then) girlfriend at an event in Atlanta!

Personal Information

Amy is a Libra, born the year of the horse. She is a balanced, intuitive and creative dreamer with Cancer Rising (an empathetic counselor) and a Taurus Moon (grounded—at least, most of the time!). Pisces rules her Midheaven (career and reputation), making metaphysics and spiritual endeavors a perfect fit! The youngest in a family of eight children, she grew up in a warm, carefree environment. Her parents were ever-encouraging and provided the resources for her to spread her wings and move to Arizona at 18. After 2 years of college, she landed the job of a lifetime. She spent the next 15 years travelling the world, growing her communication, intuitive skills, love of other cultures, and fondness for yoga, meditation, and classical music. Amy met her husband in 1994, and it was glove at first sighth for both of them. His openness to Spirit made the attraction even stronger, and they were married a few years later. They have one son who keeps them busy as they plan for his next chapter after graduation. As a family, they enjoy yard sales and collecting and reselling antiques. Her busy household includes: two rescued German Shepherds and two cats. In her free time, Amy enjoys yoga, pilates, genealogy, photography, upcycling patio furniture, and traveling to visit family.


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