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Our  Rules

In order for everyone to be able to enjoy the services we offer, we kindly ask that you read, understand and adhere to the following rules. Most of them are rooted in good, old-fashioned common sense. They are meant to ensure your comfort and privacy so that you can feel safe and at-home as a member of our family.

  1. Please Show Respect

    We kindly ask you to respect our psychic advisors and all of the Psychic Access users. Abusive language, heckling and disrespect toward anyone will result in the permanent loss of your privileges.

  2. Please Give Honest & Accurate Feedback

    After a private reading with our psychic advisors, you're asked to provide feedback. If you decide to do so, we ask you to be honest and accurate in your appraisals. Inflammatory, rude or degrading feedback will be removed.

  3. Please Do Not Advertise

    We are an advertising free website. We do not accept any commercial advertisements. Please do not post url's to any websites, personal or otherwise. Do not post any contact information for any other website.

  4. Please Do Not Give Out/Ask For Contact Info

    Our psychic advisors have been instructed to never give out their home addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses or any other contact information. Please do not ask them. For your protection, we also do not allow you to post any contact information including, but not limited to, your home address, phone number, e-mail address, or any type of instant messenger id's. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

  5. Please Do Not Ask For Free Readings

    Our psychic advisors are professionals and have had to pass through a stringent screening process in order to work here. You're afforded the opportunity to know them through their profiles and by chatting with them in our free chat rooms. Once you feel comfortable with a particular psychic, you can receive a private reading by telephone (US & Canada), video chat or video/video. Remember, psychic advisors have families to support, bills to pay, and a quality of life to maintain just like you. So, please respect them and the work they do by not asking for free readings.

  6. Please Do Not Discuss Other Websites

    While in any of our free chat rooms, please do not discuss any other websites. The purpose of our free chat rooms is for you to get to know our psychics, chat and have a good time with the other users.

  7. Please Do Not Try To Recruit

    Our psychic advisors have been instructed to report anyone who tries to recruit them to work on any other website. If you are looking to hire psychics, there are many legitimate places to do this. Our site is NOT one of them.

  8. Please Do Not Stalk Psychics Or Members

    Stalking of any kind will be reported to the appropriate authorities and result in the immediate termination of your privileges. We will cooperate fully in any legal investigations involving this illegal activity.

  9. Please Do Not Attempt Credit Card Fraud

    If you think you can purchase services, charge back, and do it again without negative consequences, you are sadly mistaken. We work very closely with ISPs and legal agencies around the world to prosecute ALL instances of Credit Card fraud, Online Checking fraud and identity theft. The deliberate act of committing credit card fraud is against the law and can adversely affect your credit rating.

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