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starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Sep-28-2023
Fast & to the point, she is always amazing!
starstarstarstarstar sutuantuan   Sep-17-2023
Thank you Shelley! Can you send me a relay about what you were trying to say at the end?
starstarstarstarstar ssgtjordan   Sep-13-2023
Thank you as always. She is so quick and accurate that it always catches me off guard. Amazing.
starstarstarstarstar Annab9   Sep-07-2023
Thank you Shelley, you were very helpful!
starstarstarstarstar matkacz   Sep-03-2023
Thank you!
starstarstarstarstar Derek1   Sep-02-2023
Love her readings. She is amazing. What were u saying when we were cut off? He cares and loves me? Was it like or love at first sight? Anything else that ur guides picked up? Thank you.
starstarstarstarstar Sugadona   Aug-30-2023
Thank you Shelly
starstarstarstarstar janaka   Aug-11-2023
So grateful for you. Omg🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
starstarstarstarstar Boldblue53   Aug-08-2023
Shelley was great, appreciate how quick she gets to the question and the answer.
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Aug-07-2023
Mystic Shelley always gives accurate information! She deserves many more stars⭐️
starstarstarstarstar Annab9   Aug-04-2023
Thank you Mystic Shelley, your predictions came true!
starstarstarstarstar Annab9   Aug-03-2023
Outstanding reading! Thank you Shelley!
starstarstarstarstar Rising   Aug-03-2023
God Bless you for being a conduit for me today. Please keep praying for the situation. I promise to do the same for you. May Grace and Mercy come out of it all. Thank you!
starstarstarstarstar Powersmic   Jul-26-2023
That was chilling and really just wow. A whole different level of insight . Truly a master. Super grateful to you. Hopefully we will speak again in the future
starstarstarstarstar caligal   Jul-25-2023
Her feedback on my situation was consistent, similar to past reading. She remembered by situation well. Recommend to try her out.
starstarstarstarstar Salvonia   Jul-24-2023
Shelley thank you, I was astonished that someone who doesn't know me can know and feel my energy a bout my situation. You are indeed truthfully blessed with a gift.
starstarstarstarstar biskit   Jul-18-2023
Thank you for your insight
starstarstarstarstar Dee456   Jul-17-2023
I didn’t even have to tell her the name. She’s so intuitive. She knew right away. She really spoke to me. I’m really encouraged me to trust my intuition. She was very accurate, and also very very empathetic.
starstarstarstarstar kmboling   Jul-10-2023
Shelley is very kind and sweet hearted and straight to the point. She has given me great readings. As well as advice to help me in my path.
starstarstarstarstar buckner   Jul-10-2023
starstarstarstarstar FRB1963   Jul-01-2023
Quick, to the point, very confident...
starstarstarstarstar caligal   Jun-25-2023
Always a pleasure talking to her. Appreciate all the advice.
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Jun-22-2023
Mystic Shelley is always amazing. She picks up on things as soon as you say hello. Call her, you will be amazed!
starstarstarstarstar kcs1616   Jun-11-2023
She is always spot on!!!
starstarstarstarstar Laurdono   Jun-08-2023
Really, really good. I’ve spoken with A LOT of psychics and Mystic Shelley is one of only two that I trust. She was 100 connected with my (complex) situation without me having to say names. THANKYOU
starstarstarstarstar caligal   Jun-05-2023
Very quick and to the point. Always great advice.
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Jun-05-2023
I love my readings Mystic Shelley! She will know what is going on as soon as you say hello. My questions are answered quickly & she is very accurate🤩
starstarstarstarstar ehribsek   May-29-2023
great reading, thank you.
starstarstarstarstar caligal   May-25-2023
Gave a great advice as always
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   May-19-2023
She is always on point! Thank you Mystic Shelley🫶🏻
starstarstarstarstar biskit   May-17-2023
Thank you for your insight.
starstarstarstarstar cg55215521   May-13-2023
Direct as usual, thank you....
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   May-13-2023
Boy did I need Mystic Shelley today! I usually call her about my sp but she is just as fast & on point with other life topics. Shelley you never disappoint & it changed my day in the right direction. Thank you💜
starstarstarstarstar TeeHar4   May-07-2023
Always keeps it real with kindness. I've been reading with her since 2013 and she is consistent, quick and honest. I enjoy talking with her.
starstarstarstarstar psolarek   May-06-2023
I’m so grateful!
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Apr-26-2023
100 the best!
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Apr-19-2023
She is the best & tells you accurate things right from the start!
starstarstarstarstar FRB1963   Mar-25-2023
Excellent, quick and to the point, there is no wasted time. Have your questions prepared as they will be answered to the best of her ability quickly. Worth the money spent.
starstarstarstarstar julie77   Mar-20-2023
5 star she knows and she is very compassionate
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Mar-06-2023
Always on point & fast! Very helpful on my journey forward 💜
starstarstarstarstar cwdunc60   Mar-05-2023
Thank you kindly
starstarstarstarstar zeeman   Feb-14-2023
Thanks for a fantastic insightful and accurate reading.'
starstarstarstarstar joanna19   Feb-09-2023
Excellent as always. Thank you so much ❤️
starstarstarstarstar Zuzulisa   Feb-08-2023
Thank you. You were so positive.
starstarstarstarstar believe   Feb-08-2023
She is the best.
starstarstarstarstar Dspack352   Feb-04-2023
She's unbelievable!! Wow! She knew so many details without me saying a word. I've never had a reader as amazing as she is! Thank you!!!
starstarstarstarstar jessjess951   Feb-01-2023
She is spot on, she knew why I was calling and she gave me alot of info and she was do accurate. I didn't give her any info and she knew alot. I highly recommend her
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Jan-30-2023
Always a great reading!!!
starstarstarstarstar Kld123   Jan-19-2023
Thank you Shelley for the advice on justice. I am hoping to see it soon.
starstarstarstarstar caligal   Jan-19-2023
Solid and quick advise. No wasting of time.