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starstarstarstarstar julie77   Mar-20-2023
5 star she knows and she is very compassionate
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Mar-06-2023
Always on point & fast! Very helpful on my journey forward πŸ’œ
starstarstarstarstar cwdunc60   Mar-05-2023
Thank you kindly
starstarstarstarstar zeeman   Feb-14-2023
Thanks for a fantastic insightful and accurate reading.'
starstarstarstarstar joanna19   Feb-09-2023
Excellent as always. Thank you so much ❀️
starstarstarstarstar Zuzulisa   Feb-08-2023
Thank you. You were so positive.
starstarstarstarstar believe   Feb-08-2023
She is the best.
starstarstarstarstar Dspack352   Feb-04-2023
She's unbelievable!! Wow! She knew so many details without me saying a word. I've never had a reader as amazing as she is! Thank you!!!
starstarstarstarstar jessjess951   Feb-01-2023
She is spot on, she knew why I was calling and she gave me alot of info and she was do accurate. I didn't give her any info and she knew alot. I highly recommend her
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Jan-30-2023
Always a great reading!!!
starstarstarstarstar Kld123   Jan-19-2023
Thank you Shelley for the advice on justice. I am hoping to see it soon.
starstarstarstarstar caligal   Jan-19-2023
Solid and quick advise. No wasting of time.
starstarstarstarstar rerecrybaby   Jan-16-2023
I love her to pieces. She’s always there when I need her and her story never changes. She is who she say she is always.
starstarstarstarstar Fitness07   Jan-03-2023
Thank you!
starstarstarstarstar psolarek   Jan-02-2023
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Dec-26-2022
Very detailed & fast! I liked her style & she knocked it out of the park!!πŸ™ŒπŸ»
starstarstarstarstar Felly2   Dec-26-2022
Shelley is consistent and to the point. Her confidence is always welcome and appreciated. I look forward to seeing how the prediction plays out. Thank you!
starstarstarstarstar caligal   Dec-18-2022
She gave good advice in a timely manner. One of my go to advisors.
starstarstarstarstar psolarek   Dec-04-2022
She always brings clarity.
starstarstarstarstar biskit   Dec-04-2022
Thank you for your help
starstarstarstarstar Felly2   Nov-20-2022
Honest and down to earth reader. To the point and gives good advice.
starstarstarstarstar adresp2006   Nov-07-2022
When I read with you earlier in the year, I had zero clue about my move that was close the water. Now, it all makes sense. Thank you so much !!
starstarstarstarstar caligal   Nov-04-2022
Straight forward advice, quick, did not waste my time. Thank you.
starstarstarstarstar psolarek   Oct-28-2022
Always helpful!
starstarstarstarstar HuiHuixiang   Oct-12-2022
Mystic Shelley is very helpful with the questions I asked. Her reading is at a much higher level, she is gifted.
starstarstarstarstar 53331314   Oct-10-2022
Mystic Shelley was very informative and nice. I will be back for sure especially when predictions come to pass.
starstarstarstarstar jmcafee721   Oct-06-2022
Very informative and on point.
starstarstarstarstar keshalcg   Sep-21-2022
Thank you so much for insight. It was great talking to you
starstarstarstarstar Felly2   Sep-19-2022
Shelley has great insight and gets directly to the matter at hand. Thank you!!
starstarstarstarstar adresp2006   Sep-18-2022
Thank you for your guidance. Looking forward to putting down roots and calling it my own.
starstarstarstarstar HuiHuixiang   Sep-13-2022
Love reading with Ms Shelley. Her guidance and predictions are beyond a regular psychic reading can do. She is extremely gifted. Will call back.
starstarstarstarstar biskit   Sep-05-2022
Thank you, your always insightful.
starstarstarstarstar joanna19   Sep-04-2022
She is always on point whenever I have a reading with her, trust her and her advice that she gives. Thank You!
starstarstarstarstar HuiHuixiang   Aug-28-2022
Thank you Shelley for an amazing reading. Shelley always knows the reason why I called, really appreciated her helpful information.
starstarstarstarstar Felly2   Aug-26-2022
Shelly is to the point and incredibly accurate. Always right in her predictions and tells the truth.great reading every time.
starstarstarstarstar Icemantarot3   Aug-25-2022
Awesome and on point reading i enjoyed it so much. will return.
starstarstarstarstar february22   Aug-23-2022
Mystic Shelley is right on. She gives you what you need to hear. Call her if you need to be given accurate info and motivation!
starstarstarstarstar kcs1616   Aug-11-2022
Great reading that 100 resonated with me!!!
starstarstarstarstar Sugadona   Jul-06-2022
Fast, VERY Accurate, and does not sugar coat but delivers & 34;hard info& 34; in a way that you are able to still feel empowered.
starstarstarstarstar Veaeee   Jul-06-2022
starstarstarstarstar AngieSell   Jul-06-2022
Thank you for validating my concerns and guiding me towards the next step. Blessings
starstarstarstarstar JG7445   Jul-04-2022
she did pick up recent events surrounding me it was an excellent reading without impacting my own mind and moving forward highly recommend
starstarstarstarstar koko2725   Jun-27-2022
Thank you
starstarstarstarstar caligal   Jun-21-2022
Straight forward and quick advise.
starstarstarstarstar Cherylann   Jun-20-2022
Wow! Anazinggggggg
starstarstarstarstar mario2323   Jun-04-2022
She was 100 accurate an gave me hope an took majority of the stress off immediately
starstarstarstarstar Bogumila   Jun-01-2022
Thank you Shelley ! You absolutely right , i should take care more domestic issues. i just feel so afraid to hurt people . I rather hurt than do this to my immediate family . Difficult to explain
starstarstarstarstar psolarek   May-30-2022
Thank you!!!
starstarstarstarstar SitaPriya   May-15-2022
Mystic Shelley is amazing! She knew things without me having to tell her and she was so sweet and straight forward and helpful! I will definitely go to her again.
starstarstarstarstar psolarek   May-06-2022
Always helpful!