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starstarstarstarstar kcs1616   Aug-11-2022
Great reading that 100 resonated with me!!!
starstarstarstarstar Sugadona   Jul-06-2022
Fast, VERY Accurate, and does not sugar coat but delivers & 34;hard info& 34; in a way that you are able to still feel empowered.
starstarstarstarstar Veaeee   Jul-06-2022
starstarstarstarstar AngieSell   Jul-06-2022
Thank you for validating my concerns and guiding me towards the next step. Blessings
starstarstarstarstar JG7445   Jul-04-2022
she did pick up recent events surrounding me it was an excellent reading without impacting my own mind and moving forward highly recommend
starstarstarstarstar koko2725   Jun-27-2022
Thank you
starstarstarstarstar caligal   Jun-21-2022
Straight forward and quick advise.
starstarstarstarstar Cherylann   Jun-20-2022
Wow! Anazinggggggg
starstarstarstarstar mario2323   Jun-04-2022
She was 100 accurate an gave me hope an took majority of the stress off immediately
starstarstarstarstar Bogumila   Jun-01-2022
Thank you Shelley ! You absolutely right , i should take care more domestic issues. i just feel so afraid to hurt people . I rather hurt than do this to my immediate family . Difficult to explain
starstarstarstarstar psolarek   May-30-2022
Thank you!!!
starstarstarstarstar SitaPriya   May-15-2022
Mystic Shelley is amazing! She knew things without me having to tell her and she was so sweet and straight forward and helpful! I will definitely go to her again.
starstarstarstarstar psolarek   May-06-2022
Always helpful!
starstarstarstarstar adresp2006   May-05-2022
This was my first time reading with Mystic Shelley and I was blow away by her reading !! She picked up on things that are personal to me and provided clarity that is going to help me on where I need to go. You are amazing and Thank you !!
starstarstarstarstar biskit   May-04-2022
starstarstarstarstar stefanie   Apr-27-2022
Wow happy she was available confirms that at work my manager trying to get rid of me. She see that this obstacle will lead to a success. Thanks God bless you
starstarstarstarstar Felly2   Apr-22-2022
Shelley is a wealth of knowledge and her gifts are strong. Thank you Shelley for everything!!
starstarstarstarstar Bogumila   Apr-19-2022
Thank you Shelley ! You are the best
starstarstarstarstar buckner   Apr-14-2022
starstarstarstarstar Felly2   Apr-13-2022
Shelley is always spot on. Getting a reading from her is energizing, uplifting and amazing in accuracy.
starstarstarstarstar Kld123   Apr-13-2022
Thank you Shelley. Always more than 5 stars...
starstarstarstarstar Mikester   Apr-04-2022
On point! Thank you
starstarstarstarstar Bogumila   Mar-25-2022
Yes , Shelly is my favorite
starstarstarstarstar HuiHuixiang   Mar-24-2022
Psychic Shelley is amazing, she really knows the reason why I called each time and gave me great insights on my situation, will call her back with update.
starstarstarstarstar eledchase   Mar-23-2022
Very kind and helpful
starstarstarstarstar eledchase   Mar-23-2022
so on point
starstarstarstarstar joanna19   Mar-22-2022
Great Reading with Mystic Shelley always right on from the very first minute. Truly appreciate her abilities and accuracy. Thank You!
starstarstarstarstar Believe1   Mar-16-2022
Mystic Shelley was spot on & she got right to the point! I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her since your questions will be answered quickly!
starstarstarstarstar Felly2   Mar-13-2022
I am always amazed at how quickly and precisely Shelley reads. She describes my situation in detail and she does it with compassion, honesty and wisdom. I have never left a reading feeling anything but uplifted.
starstarstarstarstar keshalcg   Mar-09-2022
Thank for your kindness and advice. Can you please relay the last thing you were saying
starstarstarstarstar Felly2   Mar-04-2022
Always strong and straightforward in what she picks up, Shelley is a compassionate and honest reader. Thank you so very much for your insights! I greatly appreciate you! I look forward to an update on my situation.
starstarstarstarstar BABYM2021   Mar-02-2022
Towards the end, I couldn't hear you, so I hung up... Great reading once again. Still haven't found my keys :)
starstarstarstarstar Felly2   Feb-25-2022
Quick reader. I've spoken with Shelley a few times and she always knows things that she couldn't possibly know. I'm left hopeful and calm after my reading. Thank you!
starstarstarstarstar gswafford   Feb-21-2022
different style read but so on point i was in tears all info was needed she didn't need no info and already know what was needed to be said i'll return
starstarstarstarstar Felly2   Feb-20-2022
Shelley can always know right away why I am calling in. She is succinct, direct and has offered clarity when I have questions. Thank you Shelley! You are a big sweetheart and I appreciate all your help!!
starstarstarstarstar saskat   Feb-20-2022
Love her
starstarstarstarstar february22   Feb-15-2022
Shelley is straightforward and basically a no more excuses - do it reading.
starstarstarstarstar psolarek   Feb-13-2022
This is VERY late. So sorry! You're always quite helpful!!!
starstarstarstarstar keshalcg   Feb-07-2022
Thank you so much for your excellent guidance. You are spot on about on about
starstarstarstarstar BABYM2021   Jan-31-2022
Always knows what I'm calling about and helps me with my thoughts. Thank you!
starstarstarstarstar believe   Jan-27-2022
She’s the best. Knows without you saying anything. Always been correct.
starstarstarstarstar february22   Jan-26-2022
confirmed path I should be taking Very clear and concise
starstarstarstarstar nomystery   Jan-23-2022
Thank you
starstarstarstarstar HuiHuixiang   Jan-13-2022
Thank you for an amazing reading!
starstarstarstarstar Kld123   Jan-11-2022
Thank you Shelley. I will be focusing more on my dreams.
starstarstarstarstar BABYM2021   Jan-11-2022
Wow!!!! She knew what I was calling about before I even started talking!! I'm hopeful with the information she gave me. Would highly recommend her!! Thank you!!
starstarstarstarstar patlaw   Dec-30-2021
Excellent reading. Will call again.
starstarstarstarstar Peace1   Dec-29-2021
Her aura was super,spot on n very good energy from the tone of her voice.Connection was instant,cos she has the knowledge of what your situation; she is very empathic.Legit intention,she really cares n does d best to give u a clearity plus what to expect
starstarstarstarstar koko2725   Dec-28-2021
Thank you
starstarstarstarstar ssgtjordan   Dec-17-2021
Absolutely wonderful reading. Spoke on my concerns before I even asked about them. I am totally blown away. Thank you so much for the honesty and clarity. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!