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I offer honest, accurate psychic guidance with gifts that allow me inside the heads of others, revealing their thoughts and feelings. As an Empathic Clairvoyant, I will provide details on any situation and help you choose your best course of action.

Charges:  $3.99 per minute
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Empath, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Channel, Astrology


Layna has been what people call psychic for as long as she can remember. Her mom referred to her abilities as her antenna and explained that her experiences were the result of a unique gift inherited from her mother, her grandmother and also other relatives. She often saw Spirits, and Layna expressed all sorts of premonitions of future events and knew information she had no way of knowing. Her parents tried their best to hide things from her, usually to no avail! At the age of twelve, she became more interested in her abilities and developed a fascination with the occult. She lived in a haunted house at the time, and desired to understand her experiences and unravel her own mystery, in a quest to know herself. Every day, after school, she would rush straight to the library across the street, where she would spend hours poring over every book related to the occult and psychic worlds. At twenty, she was approached by a professional psychic, who coincidentally had the same name as her mother. The psychic informed her that she knew all that she was capable of and went on to reveal things about Layna that she could not have known. She said Layna was like her, and that—also, like her--she would help people with the information she received from sources beyond this realm.

At first, she doubted her, especially that last prediction. However, eventually, under her guidance, the prediction came true and at twenty-one, Layna began offering readings professionally. She experienced a great deal of personal revelation as she learned that she could, indeed, control her second sight, and that she could willingly choose to focus her psychic senses upon any circumstance or person she wished, and provide relevant and accurate information, as a result. She developed a style and her own method of reading and found that she preferred to read energy without offering direct advice, but rather guiding the client to realize the best course of action, independently. She also became aware that she was gifted at helping clients to recognize their own natural intuition. It took her a few years to totally accept herself and her path, and to become comfortable in revealing herself to the world. At twenty-six, she was quite accidentally guided to an astrologer, who encouraged her to enroll in her class. At the time, Layna knew little of astrology, and because she did not particularly identify with many of the clichés of her sun sign, she--quite frankly--considered it with a great deal of skepticism. Nevertheless, she was open-minded enough to attend a class, and was simply blown away by the astoundingly detailed and accurate information the astrologer revealed about her in that very first meeting. Layna wound up signing up for her course and went on to become a graduate of her intensive three-year astrology program. Since then, she has been offering professional astrology readings, in addition to her psychic readings, and has often been told by clients that her astrology readings are the best they have ever received!

Now, with thirteen years of experience under her belt, she takes great joy and pride in assisting people from all over the world, by providing them with the information they need to know to make the best decisions for themselves. She is nonjudgmental and compassionate in her style, strives to be ethical in her work, and is always honest. She believes it is better for clients to hurt a little in the short term by receiving the sad news, rather than hurt much more in the long term as a result of being deceived with false hope. Of course, she greatly delights in being able to tell clients good news when she sees it!


Since 2005, Layna has been offering people professional, nonjudgmental and honest psychic readings and astrological consultations. She has thousands of clients from all over the world, and yes, some have been celebrities, but far more of them are regular people. She has offered her advice through various means, both online and in the places, she's lived. Although she has moved more than a handful of times throughout her career, she has always quickly become somewhat known in the places she has lived because of her abilities. A great deal of her business is through word of mouth, and many of her current clients have remained with her from the beginning. She builds life-long relationships with her clients and receives satisfaction from observing them achieve joy and happiness in their lives. She believes trust is earned in all relationships, perhaps more so with those they consult with for personal, spiritual and professional advice (cough… psychics!) She has earned the trust of all of her clients because not only does she always treat them and each concern they have with priority and care, but because she is NEVER dishonest with them. Some of her clients have come back to her weeks or months later, after their initial consultation, only to inform her that she was the only psychic who told them the truth about their situation. It is this level of honesty that forms the trust to build a lifelong business she enjoys with many of her returning clients.

She has never grown tired of helping people with her gifts, because there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to make lives better. Remarkably, she never suffers any burn-out, a hazard common to strong empaths, because she can control her gifts and she knows how to handle the energy. Her clients never have to worry that they are burdening Layna with their problems. They know how much she loves them, how much she cares, and that the only thing that matters to her is helping them. When you become her client, you aren't just someone she speaks to whenever you happen to reach out to her. You are someone who will be on her mind, even off the clock. Layna often has dreams about her clients, dreams in which information they need to know is revealed to her. She also prays for her clients and sends them good energy on a regular basis, and she would never charge a client money for her prayers or good energy that she sends to them.


Layna is a Libra, and perhaps that is why she cares so much about all her relationships, including those valued relationships with her clients. Relationships are literally the main focus of her life! In her chart, her Libra sun rules the areas of her life that pertain to her psychic abilities and her career, so nowhere else in her life does her strong compassion, desire for fairness, and attentiveness to relationships shine brighter than in her dealings with clients. She currently lives in the Boulder, Colorado area with her husband, and their two completely spoiled cats. Someday, they may have children, although her strong maternal instincts are currently devoted entirely to her clients and to her creative pursuits. She believes that having a great relationship with her husband helps her to truly understand the nature and difficulty of romantic relationships, and how to make them really work. She comes from a loving and very humorous Irish American family, and she is a third-generation psychic on both sides of her tree. She was brought up to always be true to herself, and to show kindness to everyone.

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