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Has life thrown you a curveball? Need guidance from a loved one in Spirit? Let my proven years of expertise as a certified Medium, Healer and Advisor compassionately empower and guide you through any life event or area of concern.

Charges:  $4.25 per minute
Speaks:  English
Reads By:  Telephone, Video Chat

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Intuitive, Continuity of Life Mediumship, Pet Communication, Channeling, Trance and Transfiguration, Life Records (Past Life, Akashic, Current, Potential Future), Reiki Master, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Somata Emotional Release, Shamanic healing, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Consultant, Mediumship Tutor, Soul Rescue, Soul Retrieval.


Graham was very fortunate to have a mother who read playing cards, was an Intuitive and became a Rosicrucian (AMORC) Illuminati Initiate. She began educating him in the mechanics of the metaphysical and encouraged him to grow and expand his innate gifts. As a three year old child, he was similar to others in the field who felt different, alienated and had imaginary friends. Other children's parents were unsure of what he said or could see from the unseen realm and would not allow their kids to play with him. Graham just wanted to be like other "normal" kids and initially rejected his gift, ignoring the words of his mother who often repeated, "God has special plans for you, Son." As Graham matured, he became somewhat more interested in the metaphysical, but focused on following his father into the military. Spirit, however, had other plans. In late 1972, he dreamed of a car accident in which he would nearly die. That event, which he observed in excruciating detail, occurred in March, 1973, and left him unconscious for six days. During that time, he visited the Etheric Cathedral of the Soul and spent ten weeks in traction at the hospital. He focused on learning more about the mechanics of his connection with Spirit, to explain all that he intuited. The car accident delayed his oportunity to go to University and redirected him away from the military to become a microchip designer. In 1984, he moved from England to the US to design microchips.

While departing for the US, he waved goodbye to his mom and dad and intuited that his dad would not be of this world too much longer, even though he was very healthy at the time. In January, 1985, while in the US, the phone rang; it was his mother on the line. She said simply, "Dad has gone to Spirit--he came and woke me up to kiss me goodbye around five hours ago in the middle of the night." At the very same time frame, Graham hapened to be flying down to Louisiana to say goodbye to his sister (being taken off life suport) and heard his sister's voice greeting a dog of hers that was already in Spirit two years prior. He knew immediately she had passed. When he landed at the hub in New Orleans, he turned on his phone and another sister had left a voice mail informing him that their sister had died.

Throughout his life, Spirit has shared similar information (too numerous to mention) about situations, individuals and life paths. Graham learned to use this relationship with Spirit to clarify decisions and provide recommendations to engineering peers. Colleagues were sometimes very unsure of how he knew about an issue with a microchip before it had been discovered in the testing. Often they were microchips he'd never even worked with before! Graham would just smile and silently say thanks to Spirit. Over the last twenty-five years, Graham continued developing his Spirit connection and became a certified Medium, Channel, Transfiguration Medium, a certified commissioned Spiritual Healer, Intuitive, Minister, Reiki Master, certified Cranial Sacral and Somata Emotional Release Practitioner. He completed a two year training in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing techniques and has been a past member of Spiritualist Committees in the US and Europe. In addition, he's taught Mediumship in Spiritualist churches/camps around the US and Europe, in metaphysical stores and has created his own spiritual consulting business that covers Mediumship, Healing, Shamanism, Personal Development and Coaching, utilizing his relationship with Spirit.


Serving devoted clients around the US and overseas, Graham has provided thousands of readings for individuals. He believes in giving back to the community on behalf of Spirit, using his Mediumship for fundraising events at local Hospices, churches and camps around the US. Mediumship has provided him with the unique oportunity to validate continuity of life. Remarkably, Graham is able to hone in on specific events and time frames in an individual's life with accuracy, discerning trauma within the human energy system, and providing personal information regarding the loved ones of clients. Whether it is the sale of a house, energy blocks or career and finance issues, he has managed to provide accurate insight in a positive, uplifting, and compassionate manner. Over the last fifteen years, Graham has provided service and counsel for several Spiritualist church boards and organizations with regard to Mediumship and similar Spirit development. This includes six years with the Executive Committee of the International Spiritualist Federation

Spirit, in return for his service to community, has warned him of personal life events, such as his car accident, proving to him the power of forecasting. In March, 2011, Graham was to travel to Korea and Japan on business, with Spirit insisting his peers rearrange his schedule. During the flight, Spirit interjected. "We want you to see Japan before it changes. Enjoy." Graham was confused by this message as he landed in Tokyo. Three days later, he went to Osaka to attend a conference and present a paper and March 11. The day before his departure the infamous earthquake and Tsunami hit Tokyo. If Spirit had not impressed upon him multiple times to rearrange his schedule, he would have traveled from Osaka to Tokyo on that fateful day. Instead he did his work in Tokyo a week earlier and his flight home was out of the only airport open for departures after the tsunami. He gives thanks for his relationship with Spirit. Graham believes that being an Ambassador for Spirit is an honor. He strives to continue this service with love and compassion by helping others on their spiritual unfoldment and assisting them through times of grief or uncertainty. He believes that communing with Spirit is an innate part of our Nature and to share that gift with others is a blessing. Graham is also very experienced in soul rescue, power animals, soul retrieval, physical Mediumship (trance, transfiguration), house cleansings and multiple healing modalities


Graham's sun sign is Sagittarius, and his partner Sue has a sun sign in Cancer. Their challenging aspect makes for an interesting, yet wonderful dynamic partnership. While Graham can live with a more chaotic space, Sue is the more structured and organized partner. They currently live in Maine, are both animal lovers and share a love for Spirit. Graham is a sports fan and is glad that the USA now televises European football, allowing him on occasion to watch his favorite Chelsea FC team. Of course, being in New England, he has adopted the Patriots, enjoying his local football team. In more recent years, Graham has focused on Spirit and personal development. On his bucket list is to visit sacred spots of the indigenous peoples of the world (Maori, Australian Aborigine, Masai etc). Macchu Picchu and Ecuadorian shamans have already been crossed off the list. Graham's power animal is a Siberian tiger and in 1998 he was fortunate to participate in a photo shoot in Arkansas with a Siberian tiger and a cougar. He was able to physically interact with them and greatly enjoyed the experience! Graham relaxes with music, enjoys concerts and soaking up cultures around the world. He's created visualization CDs related with Spirit and an eight CD audiobook on Mediumship and the Metaphysical.

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