I am a vibrant clairvoyant, deeply devoted to helping you live life to the fullest. For 35+ years, I have given accurate, no-nonsense guidance on matters of the heart, assisted police on cold cases, and will help you in the pursuit of your true passion!

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Sep-20-2018 SamSow  You are the best!!!

Sep-19-2018 merlin23  Best reader here! Love it!

Sep-17-2018 winterblus  Jacklyn really got in my head and pulled my fears out. She connected very well and gave me some serious advice that I am going to take. Thank you so much for taking this time with me, Jacklyn!

Sep-13-2018 Millymillz  Thank you for your honesty So sorry I didnít have enough for funds to hear the rest.

Sep-10-2018 Bonita  What can I say but AWESOME!!! I needed these readings with you thank you so much. Please relay the last of our conversation, we got cut off.

Sep-10-2018 Bonita  Such an awesome lady, absolutely wonderful reading. Thank you so much for your insights. :)

Sep-06-2018 insight  Thank you

Sep-03-2018 Tracey32  Thank you Jacklyn, I really appreciate your kindness and support. You have been very accurate with my very difficult situation. Very grateful!

Sep-03-2018 insight  Thank you

Sep-03-2018 insight  Thank you

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