I am a Clairvoyant of long standing from a highly Intuitive and Psychic lineage. I can instantly spot the root of your problems, give you detailed information from my two Guides, and help you achieve success and happiness.

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Feb-22-2020 Peter777  Thank you, always excellent

Feb-22-2020 patlaw  He is working again here. That was him sitting outside my house last week when I called you. He is fitting all characteristics of a stalker and its freaking me out. Will call next week.

Feb-22-2020 Rhondakay  Thank you Kitty you are truly exceptional in every way and I am absolutely so grateful to have found you!!!

Feb-20-2020 Cindlee  Kitty is awesome! She picks up so much so quickly. Very gifted and sweet!

Feb-20-2020 myohmy  Always spot on and consistent. Love her!

Feb-19-2020 angelnurse79  Hard to say...Kitty was accurate in sensing present events and was very kind, but none of her predictions have come to pass which was disappointing. I revisited my old notes audios and predictions change every other week. Still, none came to fruition.

Feb-19-2020 Bonita  Thank you Kitty! Great reading, fun to read with. Not sure why the phone kept hanging up. Can you please relay the last of our conversation

Feb-18-2020 Derek1  Another great reading. You said I will get some talk with Philip on the weekend and maybe hang out....I got nothing. Makes me alittle sad. I hate to say this but I am a little dissapointed.

Feb-18-2020 saskat  

Feb-18-2020 tls1730  Always helpful!

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