Andrea Grace
My Spirit guides have all the info you need. Let me help you on your journey with kind, caring advice that is right to the point. Known for my accuracy & integrity, I tell it like it is but never judge. You will have peace of mind in your readings with me.

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Nov-18-2018 eriley2006  Andrea is so gifted and devoted to what she does. She has given me details in my reading that have healed me tremendously over the years. Call her because itís so worth it.

Nov-15-2018 crisco  Thank you. I did not hear last part about being early could you please relay that little bit. Greatly appreciated it.

Nov-15-2018 eriley2006  As always my favorite person to talk to. Donít know what I would do without you sometimes. Always there guiding me through the good and bad times, no matter what. Love ya! xox

Nov-11-2018 Jeanne12  You are such an awesome person to talk to thank you

Nov-08-2018 eriley2006  Sorry for being a broken down mess last night. You are my rock! Hopefully you will be on today with more info on that photo of you know whoís mom posting a photo of herself with sage on Instagram haha! Like seriously???!

Nov-07-2018 eriley2006  About to get off work then Iím calling you! Be ready!!!

Nov-05-2018 pvlove3  

Nov-04-2018 Chemist  Sheís helped me to be in control of my sanity. Iím blessed to have been able to speak with her since our day 1. I canít wait to speak with her soon. Be open with someone you connect with and great things will happen!

Nov-02-2018 PuttPutt  Thank you so much. When you talked about my grandmother, I began to cry. Thank you for letting me know sheís here. I miss her terribly. Hugs!!

Nov-02-2018 TPitts  Thank you so much for the reassurance during our talk. You were amazing.

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