With some trusted help from the wonderful world of Spirit and a unique knowledge (spanning 3 decades) on tarot, numerology, dowsing and African bone-throwing, allow me to help you find direction and clarity with your most pressing concerns and questions.

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Jun-17-2019 Bobbied  Lovely as always. Can you please send relay

Jun-17-2019 Lilinka  Thank you so much Shani !

Jun-17-2019 azzie123  Thank you Shani you are my light! Forever grateful for your guidance million stars! Please read with Shani shes one in a billion.

Jun-17-2019 mable91367  Thanks Shani, I will let you know Tuesday night.

Jun-17-2019 subella44  Shani has been honest and reliable and does not waste time. She has my full confidence and she has been the most on target of anyone I have dealt with.

Jun-16-2019 Pjasam  Thanks wonderous stupendous,call he has been home all day with her,all day all day. Omg reconciled u think I will be sick.

Jun-16-2019 Pariai  Thank you Shani - for your amazing psychic abilities

Jun-16-2019 03daykellz  

Jun-16-2019 SamSow  Shani is the best are insight is out of this world.

Jun-16-2019 kickis  Beautiful Shani... youre my guiding light... have been for years now. Gracias.

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