Dawn Star
I am a genuine psychic, Master Tarot reader and relationships specialist, with an innate ability to see into the heart of anyone and deliver Truth on any matter. Your karmic debt will be explained, your path will be made clear, and your destiny revealed.

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Jun-05-2019 Queeny1973  

May-03-2019 Shamya  

May-03-2019 believe  

Mar-28-2019 NikkiLuxx  Dawn, thankyou so much for the fast clarity, beautiful insight and compassionate help and advice I received tonight. Im so grateful n will follow your advice too, n ill watch out too 3

Mar-21-2019 NiiNoLovee  

Mar-07-2019 pili0324  

Feb-15-2019 Dove1986  Very precise and descriptive In describing future events. Friendly and highly recommended.

Feb-05-2019 Queenrap  She was on point about everythinggggg! Like seriously, she’s a must TRY!

Dec-30-2018 Keetila  A bit confused bout who is who but overall you did a great job I appreciate it especially about the jealous female

Sep-28-2018 Yashna  

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