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In my compassionate, accurate, and intuitive way, I will clear what is blocking you from your dreams and goals as I delve into your past, fix what is wrong in your present, and give you accurate solutions so you may claim your desired future.

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Apr-08-2020 starstar  Thanks, Gail. Your insights are invaluable. You are right about the entire situation and the people interactions involved. Hope I can ride the tide- would appreciate a relay. Thanks.

Apr-02-2020 xyz123  This review is for March 27. Reading with you has made me hopeful about my job situation. Hope things pan out as you see. Best wishes.

Mar-30-2020 MSO2001  But the irony of it all, I believe he is still at sea, stuck, due to what is going on now... It& 39;s like, you wanna always run and stay out at sea, well let& 39;s stay out longer. I hear those that are stuck don& 39;t get paid either

Mar-30-2020 MSO2001  Only God knows the reason, and for that I won& 39;t argue, and trust the way everything unfolds. I could still feel the anxiety and nervousness coming from him,but it& 39;s like breathing, and it passes. I just smile through it, and keep moving

Mar-30-2020 MSO2001  Thanks for all your help. Things didn& 39;t and most likely will not work out the way we discussed, but I know it is a protection for me so I won& 39;t ever suffer again in life!

Mar-30-2020 MSO2001  From my part I will just ignore til the cows come home, and it is easier than I thought it would be.

Mar-30-2020 MSO2001  I genuinely do not expect anything to work out in the way I used to hope for with Carlton, however, I can handle his pop ups every several months or so, as long as he never reaches out to my son, as I& 39;ve warned him

Mar-30-2020 MSO2001  I& 39;ve been wanting to be in this place for many years!

Mar-30-2020 MSO2001  I was already probably changing, but in the last two weeks, EVERYTHING has shifted. I& 39;m not worried about the future or what may or may not happen. I& 39;m of the mentality that if things don& 39;t happen the way I thought the should, I am grateful

Mar-30-2020 MSO2001   I know these times we are going through aren& 39;t the best. However, what a complete and much needed reset for my entire life!

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