Angelic Heights
In my compassionate, accurate, and intuitive way, I will clear what is blocking you from your dreams and goals as I delve into your past, fix what is wrong in your present, and give you accurate solutions so you may claim your desired future.

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Sep-23-2018 Shanaemill  Nothing short of amazing! We connected instantly the energy was perfect. She was on point with my situation and I can't thank her enough.

Sep-22-2018 solemio  Thank you! Wonderful talking you again. You insight is amazing. I am gradually "coming back home" , like you described it. Love and light.

Sep-20-2018 patlaw  Amazing accurate reader. You never give me false hope and your readings are always on point. The craziness has begun, like you said.

Sep-18-2018 kmboling  Will u send me a relay Gail. Please. Thank u. I hope drew comes around ugh so hard

Sep-17-2018 saskat  I hope you’re right she really needs to move on

Sep-16-2018 Kimbo123  Angelic Heights has the ability to see things at a helicopter level and then focus in with microscope. INCREDIBLY talented professional. Always respectful on delivery of messages. THANK YOU!

Sep-16-2018 mydreams  Thank you. Very insightful and accurate.

Sep-15-2018 patlaw  You are absolutely wonderful. I have never felt so calm. I was asking whether the flashlight will be on the weekend or weeknight, but we got cut off. Could you please send a relay. Thanks.

Sep-13-2018 SeemaJacob  I sent you a relay ....I think I figured out what's going on.Im doubtful he ever blocked me, it's all in the relay.please tell me what you think

Sep-13-2018 gswafford  Awesome sweet and fast !!! All predictions have come to past for me

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