Mystic Shelley
I am a five-star psychic, a Reiki healer, a Clairvoyant and empathy reader. I offer clients honest answers about past, present and future events. With the help of my eight trusted guides at your service, you will receive remarkably accurate answers.

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Nov-09-2019 believe  Shelley is such a great reader. Never have to say much and she picks up on the matters in my life. Thank you

Nov-04-2019 Mikester  

Nov-04-2019 binkyroyal  She's good and to the point. Mercury in retrograde and astrology don't have any power over me, but everyone has different beliefs, and I ignore that and take the good. Thank you Shelley. You do a lot of good in the world.

Nov-04-2019 User123  Thank you will come back with update

Nov-04-2019 jp72162  Thank you Shelly for all you have taught me! Working on clearing and "re" doing things during the retrograde is a great way for me to focus. xo

Oct-22-2019 HuiHuixiang  Thank you Shelley, your reading is super accurate, your predictions always happened.

Oct-20-2019 AwakenRN  She’s amazing & 10084;& 65039;& 10084;& 65039; She knew exactly what I had done in the past 24hrs, knew things about me that no one knows right now..

Oct-16-2019 Shany04  

Oct-12-2019 shalanti4  Speechless, read me like a book, and picked up everything going on, finally a real and authentic person, didn't ask for dob or leading question, did not waste a minute of my time. I was guided here for a reason, thanks so much Shelley. Will listen.

Oct-10-2019 saskat  

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