Spiritual Counselor, accomplished Healer, and Clairvoyant Medium, I offer compassionate readings with my Angels and Spirit Guides. Call with an open heart and I'll connect with you energetically. Together we'll explore your opportunities.

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Apr-10-2016 Petty2101  

Apr-05-2016 Fenilvs  Thank you So Much Stacy. May You always Be Happy and uplifted! :)

Apr-03-2016 Summermagic  Slow and vague

Mar-29-2016 selcampos  I hope all your predictions come true

Mar-28-2016 insight  

Mar-14-2016 Peter777  Thank you for a great session. Peter

Mar-10-2016 bonethrower  Excellent accuracy in the details you gave. Based on so much accuracy so far, i am looking forward to those future details you described manifesting-need more stars for Stacy ! x

Feb-10-2016 Babylasvegas  Thanks Stacy!!

Jan-30-2016 janaka  Thank you Stacy, Though I felt like the reading was vague it was positive, it's hard to get detailed in a 6 min reading, thank you for helping me. I felt your empathy and compassion.

Jan-30-2016 bonethrower  Wow - that was phenomenal accuracy Stacy. Its like you've be here with me this past 2 weeks. How could you have known about populated area, medical bldg, that lady, not to mention 'reveiving'. Jaw still open!

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