An Intuitive for over 30 years, I will read and connect with Angels and the Divine, guiding people with love and compassion. It is a comfort to know that no matter what challenges you are facing, big or small, help is just a call away.

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Apr-04-2020 Lilinka  Maggie always wonderful ! I repeat myself but she is the best on PA ! She sees so deeply into people, feelings situations ! Plus she truly is the kindest ! Call her ! Thank you Maggie for all that you do

Apr-04-2020 gswafford  as always accurate and consistent if possible send relay where ph cut off about his consistancy movin fwd

Mar-30-2020 m1111nyc  Wonderful energy, great reading like always, thank you!

Mar-22-2020 Lilinka  

Mar-20-2020 Jdiggity  Super insightful and accurate, always provides a nice clear reading with kindness and openness, thank you for your service!

Mar-19-2020 Lilinka  

Mar-18-2020 Lyndsie  Hi maggie, we were finishing our reading earlier on whether or not this has really affected him and how. Hoping you may be able to relay me about it since we were cut off! Always really appreciate our readings, thank you.

Mar-11-2020 Tracey32  Thank you Maggie, your predictions were absolutely correct. I heard from him over the weekend just like you said. Today I found out he’s a been arrested. You said within 10 days. Thank you again! Can you relay when I might hear from him again.

Mar-03-2020 m1111nyc  She sees things very accurately! Thank you.

Mar-03-2020 m1111nyc  Maggie is accurate and so kind. I ran out of funds, and wasn’t able to add more. Will connect again soon. Thank you for your wonderful advice, she has helped me be brave to move forward in the direction I really want. Must call her!

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