An Intuitive for over 30 years, I will read and connect with Angels and the Divine, guiding people with love and compassion. It is a comfort to know that no matter what challenges you are facing, big or small, help is just a call away.

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Nov-15-2019 Mirhelp  Great!!

Nov-13-2019 chestersmom  Thank you for the call! I will keep you posted on the situation.

Nov-12-2019 Lilinka  Thank you Maggie for being here even in my worst moments ! For always telling the truth even when its not convenient and for being the kindest soul ! Call Maggie truly one of the best here ! She sees the tiniest things and all that is hidden

Oct-25-2019 Lyndsie  So so good to read with maggie. Realistic, sees right into the situation, great delivery, no weird outlandish false hope building! Love it! Thanks Maggie :)

Oct-21-2019 Lyndsie  Hi Maggie! Our call just got dropped and i cant call back because of lack of funds. Could you refund me those first 2 minutes so i can call bsck and finish? Wanted to hear what you had to say!

Oct-15-2019 Lilinka  Always coming back to Maggie , after years she truly is the one who sees it all in the big picture . Plus her kindness and caring for her clients is truly a blessing . Dont hesitate calling her she truly is one of the best on here

Oct-12-2019 Luke343   Maggie is warm & easy to talk with & helped me clear blocks around the ongoing situation. It has progressed as you predicted in a positive direction; I feel more confident in my approach. Yes, I found that lost object you helped me with!!

Oct-02-2019 Tracey32  Thank you so much. You are always so quick and accurate as well as kind!

Sep-30-2019 Lilinka  Thank you very much Maggie ! Always a great reading from tou !

Sep-27-2019 mjulie  Always a pleasure to connect and benefit from your gift. Thank you, Maggie!

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