Angelic Amy
My greatest joy is being of service! With a special ability to connect deeply with others, you will find me a non-judgmental Intuitive Counselor. A multi-gifted Psychic and Medium, I will relay clear answers on any matter to help you in your time of need.

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Jan-16-2019 roshelle  Checking in with Amy every 2 weeks has been so beneficial to my personal growth and understanding of my environment. As my readings unfold over time so many events have transpired which were predicted. Highly recommended reader.

Jan-06-2019 Bonita  Your readings are awesome. You make me laugh Amy, funny and very gifted. Please relay we got cut off.

Jan-06-2019 Bonita  Thank you Amy, sorry I had to cut it short, will talk soon.

Jan-05-2019 roshelle  Amy has predicted so many things that have happened from my readings over the past year. I have grown to trust her readings and advice which has helped me deal with my concerns. Highly recommend.

Jan-04-2019 Sunny0110  Thank you Amy for another great reading! She is on point, she even asked me if he was looking for another job and I said no. That same afternoon, he told me he was thinking about looking for another job. Hoping future predictions also come to pass.

Jan-01-2019 dylan63  

Dec-30-2018 Bonita  Thank you Amy, thanks for the laugh, I needed that!!! Awesome reading

Dec-29-2018 lovely24  Amy always provides clarity. She's the best

Dec-28-2018 bonethrower  Great insight. Current flow of events spot on. Glad I have all the detail you gave recorded. Inspiring predictions to look forward to. Thank you Amy!

Dec-27-2018 marieann  Hi Amy are you coming back on? I would like a quick chat. Amy is one of my go to psychics, always consistent and accurate xxx

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