A Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Empath, I use intuitive gifts and Tarot to illuminate the truth and provide real answers. A conduit for messages from the Spirit Realm, I connect to your Guides, share their insights, and move you to a fulfilling life.

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Sep-02-2015 Tasha9195  Hi Alaya! If you can, please let me know when you will be on again! Thank you!

Aug-26-2015 jenique  One word awesome...very good and in tune with the current energies..try a reading with her will be empowered

Aug-26-2015 Tasha9195  Thank you so much for the reading the other day!! You are always so wonderful with details and timings!! Hopefully things are going to start moving much faster!!! Thank you again!! Talk to you soon!

Aug-25-2015 diana547  Great reading! Looking forward to your relay! Thank you Alaya! :)

Aug-25-2015 Tasha9195  Thank you for all the wonderful details Alaya!! Hopefully things are shifting, in a good way!!! Talk to you soon!

Aug-24-2015 rocky2004  Five stars across the board

Aug-24-2015 aqua444  She's always amazing, if you could relay your last thought regarding work, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Aug-24-2015 mizzmoxxie  Great reading as always! Please relay the last part?

Aug-24-2015 pvlove3  Alaya is incredible!! She always relays much more than I hope for or even expect. I will start following my heart. Alaya, please relay the last part of our conversation right before the call ended. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Aug-24-2015 mizzmoxxie  Really great reading. Great that you remembered our convo and I didn't!!! Lol. Thank you!!!

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