Andrea Grace
My Spirit guides have all the info you need. Let me help you on your journey with kind, caring advice that is right to the point. Known for my accuracy & integrity, I tell it like it is but never judge. You will have peace of mind in your readings with me.

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Jul-20-2019 NikkiLuxx  Thankyou so much for your kind caring reading and how real you were. You are awesome and also very funny. I feel alot better!

Jul-19-2019 Chemist  I have great news to share with you. I got the letter for school and we just tlkd about this lol. My heart is jumping for joy!! I was nervous to read it but Iím glad I did. Now I can think of my birthday in peace! TTYS!

Jul-18-2019 Chemist  Iíll talk to you soon. Iím finally able to put things more into words. Better now than never.

Jul-15-2019 Emelin  

Jul-15-2019 Emelin  

Jul-14-2019 eriley2006  Please come online

Jul-13-2019 eriley2006  Can you come online later?

Jul-11-2019 insight  Thank you

Jul-11-2019 eriley2006  I am laughing as I type this...all of this is with you know who and the Instagram post is just too entertaining right now haha! Especially since we both know bad happens when I get ďbored..Ē fill me in more next chat xo

Jul-11-2019 Chemist  Iím having a hard time believing that there is love from his side. It could be that I canít see it. But I donít know if any faith is there for truly believing he loves me.

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