Andrea Grace
My Spirit guides have all the info you need. Let me help you on your journey with kind, caring advice that is right to the point. Known for my accuracy & integrity, I tell it like it is but never judge. You will have peace of mind in your readings with me.

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Mar-30-2020 Chemist  I did see something on social media the other day but Iím not sure if he meant it but it hurt a little. Also Iím not sure if Iím able to send him any encouragement right now because of that. Iím trying to hold on. Itís hard to stay space not mutual.

Mar-30-2020 eriley2006  I know this is not the first time youíve heard this but I cannot say enough good things about you as a psychic, friend practically fam member (haha). I am forever grateful XO

Mar-29-2020 eriley2006  You know who texted me this morning. No idea what to think of this as Iím trying to read between the lines of this small talk.

Mar-28-2020 Chemist  Oh my goodness I may have read it wrong. I donít even know. Iím losing it again. I feel so nauseous. I was feeling better earlier but now itís much worse. I texted him and called once.

Mar-28-2020 Chemist  I called him and I texted him. I really tried, but I saw him say to someone in social media that he would probably sleep with them.

Mar-28-2020 Mela739  Andrea& 39;s gifts were shining so brightly! She is a beautiful soul and very strong in her gifts. Read my situation about someone and it was spot on! She didn& 39;t even ask for their name!! Thank you so much, Andrea! Love, hugs and light to you!

Mar-28-2020 Chemist  I really hope I get to speak to you today. Iím struggling a little. I canít go through this another day. My mind is racing and I donít feel good.

Mar-28-2020 Chemist  He ignored every phone call I tried to make for almost 2 weeks. And I havenít dialed him for this 1 week. Heís definitely ignoring me and I have to speak up. I canít take it.

Mar-28-2020 Chemist  I was waiting but I donít think I can anymore. He is actually ignoring me. It seems so easy to do. Iím kind of furious that he hasnít said anything.

Mar-28-2020 Chemist  I donít know whatís going on with him. But he could have told what Reggie told me that he said.

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