Born into a family of clairvoyant women, I've always been able to see what's unfolding and hear what's unsaid. If a situation is intolerable, I'll help you to change it or see it in a new light. The success you deserve is within your grasp.

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Sep-21-2016 mezdawg  Thank you so much for your honesty! Straight to the point and very detailed. Thank you for providing me with the information I needed. Will call again to ask more questions. Could you also please provide me with a relay. Thank you

Sep-20-2016 mlalat  Thought she was excellent. Will call again!

Aug-17-2016 Peter777  Thank you very much for another great session, Regards Peter

Jul-25-2016 Nisha214  Well I felt no connection whatsoever. I feel that Indigo was asking me questions then telling me pretty much what I told her.

Jul-14-2016 Babylasvegas  Nice tarot reader. I spoke to indigo long ago and had a good psychic read. I don't know why this was nothing like the read I had a year ago. I was only explained the cards and meaning.

Jul-12-2016 SophiaScholl  I've been talking to Indigo for years - she is accurate, has a very useful perspective, is a good card reader, is non-judgemental, and talks with me like she's an old, trusted, and funny friend. A call to Indigo is always time and money well spent.

Jun-22-2016 Caramelkiss  

Jun-21-2016 Sunshine0705  Indigo is a great psychic gives detailed information about the person whom I asked about It was a pleasure speaking with you definitely recommend Indigo I didn't hear the time frame on my last question if you could please relay that message thank you

Jun-18-2016 Peter777  Thank you for a great session. Regards Peter in Australia

Jun-14-2016 Pariai  very good I would call again

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