Born of wisdom and psychic mediumistic sensitivity, my ability to see beyond the range of normal vision and 25 years experience as a Tarologist will impart a divine influence on your mind and soul. Embrace your journey now!

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Nov-16-2014 emmadee45  She has always been correct!

Nov-12-2014 Linds5424  Thanks Maureen!! So sorry we got cut off but I will call back soon and finish our discussion when I can get more time!

Oct-14-2014 Mmac520  I enjoy talking to maureen. Very kind and full of information that 's accurate

Oct-12-2014 justme2day  You 're a true blessing, Maureen---thank you so much!

Oct-10-2014 Munch7  She 's nice but unfair for advisors to log off after you add money. I am disappointed.

Oct-10-2014 Precious08  

Sep-15-2014 toddbd  I don 't know if she is really connect to me or not, but she stuttered a lot when she answers my questions. Let see if her predictions come to pass! I will come back to give five stars if what she says come true. Thank you very much Maureen!

Sep-15-2014 mochi303  Fabulous!

Sep-15-2014 MamaGuz  By far my favorite. We hadn 't spoken in over a year and she recognized me and our previous conversation. I love her energy and honesty. Could you please relay your last comment before we got disconnected?

Sep-11-2014 AngieSell  Amazing, was spot on with the people I had questions about. Look forward to speaking with you again. Can you please relay the last question you were answering as we got disconnected.

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