Entrenched in the mystical setting of Mt. Shasta where ones intuition is naturally heightened, I'll clearly address and respond to your questions utilizing the Tarot, Lenormand and messages from spirit to illuminate your life path.

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Jun-20-2015 lkijhgf  Information maybe accurate but came across as a bit rude and condescending..... sorry

May-09-2015 flor2755  Thank you

Apr-19-2015 SweetGuyJoe  I am very, very pleased with the reading I had with Renata. She was very direct, very conscious of the time remaining, and honest with the visions she saw. I may have just found a new favorite reader! Will *definitely* be calling back.

Apr-19-2015 lkijhgf  

Apr-18-2015 SandyCar  You don 't always hear what you want, and I resisted, but it is what it is. I realized Renata was very in tune and what she told me made perfect sense once I thought it through. I can see things working out very clearly now. Very nice lady.

Apr-08-2015 happy1  

Apr-06-2015 julsgood  

Apr-05-2015 zoe1973  

Apr-05-2015 Santana  connected quickly, had sound advice, will try it. thanks you!

Apr-03-2015 rtlozano  

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