I have been doing metaphysical work for many years. I have learned that we all need someone to talk to sometimes. With the assistance of my cards and my Guides, I am here for you.

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Oct-24-2018 johnmos  A very nice lady. Polite and friendly. I was less than fully satisfied with the lack of specificity of her answers advice predictions. Too general, but interesting nonetheless.

Jun-06-2018 WreeWree  Thank you for your honesty itís been a joy. You too have an amazing spirit!! I really enjoyed talking with you! Keep doing what youíre doing! Being Honest and Truthful giving what I need to hear!! Thank you again!!

Jun-03-2018 Teatea36  

Dec-05-2017 Tjmcconnell  Thank you for your insight and kind words.

Oct-18-2017 Candacbrown  She was extremely insightful and very easy to talk to.

Sep-11-2017 LUCIE12  

Aug-18-2017 Lovable1  She gave me some really helpful insight, I want to work with again.

Jul-11-2017 IamIam  & 128150;

May-30-2017 mezdawg  Thank you so much Mataya. Could you please send a relay about what you said about me and j xx

May-21-2017 WinterJ  

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