A 3rd generation healer & reader from Kingston, Jamaica, I possess natural psychic gifts that will shine clarity on all your situations. Expert in tarot, dream interpretation & numerology, I will pinpoint where you are & what you need to do.

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Feb-01-2019 amm1927  Great

Jan-27-2019 Barvita  You’ve given me a lot of insight about this man. I do hope Asherah you’re correct, as you’ve been on point this whole time. Thank you!

Jan-15-2019 Sunny0110  Thank you Asherah for your insight. Yes I have fear, I finally found the man of my dreams, the one I want to spend my life with, and I can't believe he would let logistics get in our way. I thought he was my happily ever after.

Jan-03-2019 Lauren57  A shining star in a dark world. She is one in a million!!!

Dec-31-2018 lucija  My dear it was so great to talk to you again Thanks for the great reading Love ya !!!

Dec-30-2018 Mirhelp  Thanks!!! Awesome as always;)

Dec-24-2018 Mirhelp  Thanks!!

Dec-14-2018 Sunny0110  Thank you Asherah for your reassurance. I agree I need to stop my self sabotage. I truly hope your predictions come to pass soon!

Nov-18-2018 slds32  No words to describe how astounding a reading is with Asherah. Thank you and bless you always your are truly an Earth Angel!

Nov-15-2018 amm1927  Asherah works too hard. Take care of yourself. You are the bomb.

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