Lauren Joy
Your Angels, Guides, and departed loved ones are your navigation system. With my ability to see, hear, and feel what they communicate, I'll relay messages for your highest good to empower and help you find your way in the dark.

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Apr-26-2015 caligal  You told me I will be meeting love interest during St Patricks Day. End of Apr, nothing has happened. Please get online

Jan-20-2015 cdes8001  Thanks Lauren! very informative reading! Will be calling back soon. Please relay on the last that was said on this person and his feelings and further contact in the future. Thanks!

Jan-17-2015 desiringlove  Super nice reader who picked up on a lot of info! Was the only one who felt that the male I was asking about is happy with his girlfriend. Time will tell. I was impressed on all the background info picked up on. Give her a try!

Jan-11-2015 caligal  Joy is one of my fav. Very easy to talk to.Has a very clear vision of what 's coming up, and explains so I understand.Recently asked about a condo I bought.She could clearly see the rooms, and told me what things I will like.Could clearly see my neighbors

Jan-10-2015 debneeh  

Jan-09-2015 canbekind  

Jan-09-2015 LilacOne  Extremely Empathic & accurate with what was seen for me. And, a very ethical psychic. Lauren Joy does not tell you what you want to hear- she WILL tell you the truth ! One of the best at PA, no question!

Jan-09-2015 LilacOne  Hi Lauren Joy ! Thank you again for the indepth reading we had today regarding myself & "C "- can you relay what you were saying to me before we got cut off ? Thanks so much !!

Jan-08-2015 red444  Wonderful. She told me so much in so little time..Blessings to you.

Jan-03-2015 nhanson1  Very personable. Easy to talk to

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