Cosmic Coach
I use my 12 years of experience working with Angels and Guides to help clients find clarity in every situation. Using Lithomancy (crystal reading) and the Crystal Oracle (cards), I provide guidance and insight for the future.

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Nov-21-2019 Sunny0110  Thank you for such a great reading, although I was a little confused, I should not build dreams, but weíre meant to overcome this? Can you please clarify? Thank you so much!!!

Aug-04-2019 gswafford  I understood some of what you were saying if possible can you please send relay

Jul-13-2019 Summerlove14  

May-29-2019 Tracey32  I read with him when Iím in need of a spiritual lesson. His reading style is unique and always gives me exactly what I need. Heís also been very accurate! Thank you James!

Apr-19-2019 JG7445  I love him gives great detail and spot on

Mar-25-2019 Tracey32  Great! Thank you!!

Mar-24-2019 SEXY425  

Mar-24-2019 Love124  Thank you so much for your reading.. I know we didnít have much time, however you was very clear. You was telling me something important about the Empeor card.. can you relay me please!

Mar-23-2019 gswafford  Great read and accurate please send relay on outcome we got cut off

Mar-19-2019 Caplican  Cudos! You are able to hit center with the cards and the confidence is there to give me the grounded view in tomorrows in my love life.. my last one.. I not only got more trust in my SO I am also more able to trust future now. thanks Coach!

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