Cosmic Coach
I use my 12 years of experience working with Angels and Guides to help clients find clarity in every situation. Using Lithomancy (crystal reading) and the Crystal Oracle (cards), I provide guidance and insight for the future.

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Feb-06-2020 bmcnamee  Left the phone call confused. Not the best reading I have had. I asked him a romantic question but he told me that no romantic card came up in the spread so my question was never really answered.

Jan-31-2020 Yoda104  

Jan-24-2020 Pokadotc  He was great! Helped me a ton

Nov-21-2019 Sunny0110  Thank you for such a great reading, although I was a little confused, I should not build dreams, but were meant to overcome this? Can you please clarify? Thank you so much!!!

Aug-04-2019 gswafford  I understood some of what you were saying if possible can you please send relay

Jul-13-2019 Summerlove14  

May-29-2019 Tracey32  I read with him when Im in need of a spiritual lesson. His reading style is unique and always gives me exactly what I need. Hes also been very accurate! Thank you James!

Apr-19-2019 JG7445  I love him gives great detail and spot on

Mar-25-2019 Tracey32  Great! Thank you!!

Mar-24-2019 SEXY425  

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