Dixie Friday
Friendly, funny, and fierce, I'm the Southern Belle you want on your side when life throws challenges in your path. I'm an enthusiastic tarot reader and unafraid of telling you what's coming your way and finding ways to help and guide you through it.

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Sep-09-2014 msnadz  

Aug-25-2014 bernie1  Always great

Aug-22-2014 joanna19  thank you and will take your advice I appreciate you taking my call.

Aug-19-2014 msnadz  thanks =)

Aug-09-2014 bernie1  Thank you - I am so glad you are back online

Jul-27-2014 pamelaD  She is a really fun, upbeat reader. I enjoyed my reading.

Jul-26-2014 bellsofhope  thanks! Could you please send me a relay?

Jul-25-2014 Lauren57  Excellent

Jul-15-2014 Nickie22  Thank you!

Jul-09-2014 sovexed  Dixie was accurate and very nice when giving out unhappy news.

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