I invite those in search of guidance to receive a direct and compassionate reading from an experienced energy reader. Specializing in Intuitive Channeled Guidance, I will tune directly into the heart of your matter and deliver the answers you seek.

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May-17-2019 gswafford  Awesome read can you relay last part couldnt hear all with noise

May-16-2019 Lilinka  Wonderful as always ! Thank you Isthemus : )

May-11-2019 insight  Thank you for the guidance

May-10-2019 sorayah952  Amazing and authentic & 10084;& 65039;

May-10-2019 Barvita  Sweet Isthmus, thank you so much for an outstanding reading! As much as it hurts now Id rather know the truth.. Love

May-07-2019 Mirhelp  Awesome

May-06-2019 bobbieg  I was literally sick over my 5 minutes this lovely gifted lady brought relief and clarity. It took 5 seconds and she was linked in. What a relief!!! I am also in this profession so I don't say this lightly. Isthemus is gifted!

May-06-2019 gswafford  

May-06-2019 Bonita  Isthemus is so awesome, no sugar coating for her. Always on target and straight to the point. I love her readings, thank you so much Isthemus.

May-02-2019 nalaprincess  Wise, insightful accurate. Ever so thankful for you. Thanks again!

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