I combine psychic mediumship with advanced metaphysics to see your past, present, and future with in depth detail and high accuracy to help you eliminate challenges and create the future that you desire.

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May-27-2018 swedengirl34  

May-09-2018 Yoda104  Great reading!

May-09-2018 Yoda104  Thanks for a great reading and advice!!!

Apr-19-2018 Bogumila  

Apr-09-2018 Naddys  I am not sure if he answered my question. Seemed a little un sure. We didn't have a lot of time but if you could please relay that would be helpful :) thank u.

Apr-01-2018 heprand  Steve, you always know the exact positioning as well as what's needed for stability and positive flow! Thank you w all my heart! Happy Easter!

Mar-31-2018 scottw  Thats helpful me know about the future. I patient and understand about going on my future and know what to do. Thank you for help and I keep patient and trust in God.

Mar-25-2018 Tracey32  I would like to call back and get a longer reading but If you have to have his time of birth I can't provide that. Please let me know. Thank you

Mar-19-2018 roshelle  Again, dates were correct for 2nd prediction given. Steve has a firm grip on his astrology knowledge which is so useful to me when knowing what's going on and what's going to happen with my situation. Thank you Steve.

Mar-14-2018 Star2003  Great call

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