Spirit Speaks
My specialties are Love and Romance, Soulmate Relationships, Career and Family. Together we can find your answers and what lies ahead. My readings come from the heart and are very empowering. I am also an Advanced Theta DNA2 Healer.

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Aug-13-2018 believe  

Jul-12-2018 merlin23  This is for a reading that actually lasted over 20 minutes. We kept getting cut off...might be the line itself. She is a splendid reader and quite lovely! Will call back!!

Jun-16-2018 merlin23  Thank you, spirit! You are a wonderful reader and I really enjoy our readings. Thank you so much!

Jun-12-2018 merlin23  Leaving this for the entirety of our reading. She is splendid, kind, genuine. Great reading!

Jun-11-2018 believe  

Apr-24-2018 joanna19  We got cut off! Thank you for your time.

Apr-11-2018 Mcdonajp1  

Mar-26-2018 Destiny012  

Mar-25-2018 Lilone168  

Mar-24-2018 Lilone168  

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