Mystic Shelley
I am a five-star psychic, a Reiki healer, a Clairvoyant and empathy reader. I offer clients honest answers about past, present and future events. With the help of my eight trusted guides at your service, you will receive remarkably accurate answers.

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May-20-2019 insight  Thank you

May-20-2019 insight  Thank you

May-18-2019 sunnylady  Wonderful as always. Got right to the point. No wasting time or asking questions.

May-13-2019 Redbottoms  wonderful...thank you!

May-12-2019 Goombella  Amazing, I didn't have to say name's or dob, she instantly knew the situation and so detailed and honest, thank you so much. I hope to contact you with good news the next time we speak.

May-08-2019 HuiHuixiang  Thank you very much for a great reading. Your predictions are so accurate.

May-05-2019 sunnylady  As always, got right to the matter and was spot on.

Apr-30-2019 insight  Thank you

Apr-27-2019 Colbert  She was very delightful and she gave me a sence of peace. I just want to thank her so much for easing my worry and she had a lovely accsent as well. I really enjoyed speaking with her. A true light! Thank You

Apr-22-2019 HuiHuixiang  Thank you very much for the information

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