For 30 years, I have delivered thousands of Spirit greetings through Spiritualist churches and private readings. Now, let my Guides offer their insight and guidance to you, communicated with honesty and compassion. You CAN create your desired future!

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Nov-19-2018 receive2m3  Thanks for taking questions about spirit and turning it into a reading with a loved one.

Nov-19-2018 Lauren57  Hi Monica thanks so much!!!! Please do your magic for me I will be in touch. Your a very kind wonderful person and I appreciate you.

Nov-19-2018 Lauren57  Monica is a very accurate psychic using spirit to help others. Thanks so much for everything. If you can please send your magic to me at work tomorrow!!!! Thanks so much for your kindness and help.

Nov-19-2018 newboz  Thank you not only have insights that are helpful and help me to grow. No words for how much you are appreciated and loved!

Nov-19-2018 newboz  Called it perfectly once again!!! XOXO

Nov-19-2018 newboz  Thank you! & 128525;

Nov-14-2018 Mel2015  It was great talking to you again. Thank you again for your great advise . Would like to know why Mary is contacting me again

Nov-05-2018 Lauren57  You are an Angel!!! I can't thank you enough you and spirit took me this far. Thanks for putting up with me. If you could please do your magic for me this week. Love you and spirit thanks so much!!!

Nov-05-2018 Lauren57  Spirit and Monica get a million stars from me!!! The information that comes through is so accurate and unreal. I love getting the messages. Thanks for all that you do!!!

Nov-02-2018 Lauren57  Thanks Monica for all of your help. I so appreciate it!!! Can you do you magic for me tomorrow at work. Thanks again

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