For 30 years, I have delivered thousands of Spirit greetings through Spiritualist churches and private readings. Now, let my Guides offer their insight and guidance to you, communicated with honesty and compassion. You CAN create your desired future!

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Feb-15-2019 Sunny0110  Thank you once again for such wonderful read Monica. Your predictions and Spirit's advice always helps me get through the toughest times. Thank you!!

Feb-14-2019 Redbottoms  Really enjoyed my reading with Monica. She connected and confirmed many things. Very kind too. Thank you:)

Feb-12-2019 newboz  Your the best! Thank you!

Feb-12-2019 newboz  Typical right??!! Ha! Thank you SOOO much!!! Hugs!

Feb-10-2019 Lauren57  Monica all I can say is spirit pressed a button when speaking to me I was embarrassed as to the way my boss was questioning me. I feel terrible I just felt overwhelmed and wanted to stop and go on to something else. Your a sweetheart.

Feb-05-2019 bonethrower  Thank you so much for making me aware that spirit are keen for me to continue with a creative idea and project further. Your ability to connect with evidence you couldn't have known is wonderful! x

Feb-01-2019 Redlipstick1  Accurate. And straight to the point! Picks up info.

Feb-01-2019 gswafford  Please send relay if the counseling sections will help with me and girald

Feb-01-2019 Lilinka  Wonderful Monica !!!

Jan-29-2019 Lauren57  Your a million star psychic!!! Thanks for your kindness and support.

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