Moon Goddess
I am Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empathic. With Tarot and my Guides to assist, my readings are precise and informative. Our time together will empower you to handle the curve balls that life throws us. *Warning*: We tell only the truth!

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Jul-18-2018 Bogumila  Thank you Moon ! I did enjoyed reading with you ! I hope you are right with all your predictions. When Meet W again ?

Jul-15-2018 hotcream30  Sorry it cut us off before I could say thank you! Moon was very sweet and accurate in what she told me. I got a lot of information in a short time and it helped to relieve my worry.

Jul-14-2018 Bogumila  Thank you Moon you are such wonderful reader! I like to read your relay & 128522; Love B

May-23-2018 crcr2525  Your prediction was accurate. He contacted me earlier this week. The delay was truly about work. He really does seem bogged down with a number of things, just scattered energy. I didn't get a full explanation, but definitely got a start.

Apr-24-2018 Freedomten  Very accurate!

Apr-20-2018 Destiny012  

Apr-17-2018 SelenaP  Always a amazing reading with Moon. She told me that I will have a career opportunity come my way in 2 months that will be my life's purpose. That means everything to me because I have been waiting for that

Apr-17-2018 SelenaP  She is quick, accurate and honest. She is AUTHENTIC!!! 100 real! Take my word for it. Thank you moon. Can you please relay the last part about what you saw regarding career, abundants and the prosperity opportunity. Talk soon xoxo

Mar-15-2018 Rjr24485  Thank you so much! Hope your predictions come to pass


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