Moon Goddess
I am Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empathic. With Tarot and my Guides to assist, my readings are precise and informative. Our time together will empower you to handle the curve balls that life throws us. *Warning*: We tell only the truth!

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May-29-2020 eriley2006  Awesome as always. I’ve spoken with her for years and she is top notch. Love talking to you!

May-21-2020 eriley2006  Moon he shut down my account!!!!! This is WRONG and I am devastated I only want to talk to you that’s it!!!! Please help ;((

May-21-2020 eriley2006  I can’t add funds now and this is just wrong. Nice meeting you. Didn’t deserve this at all

May-21-2020 eriley2006  Btw I just started following that Instagram account my dad was talking about “” I believe? Im always listening to you even if it may not always seem so ;) ttys

May-21-2020 eriley2006  I am SO happy you were online at the time that you were. I need you to help me get through this and as an empath with trust issues this a big compliment! Just know I will always be in touch regardless of what happens and sending you big hugs XX

Apr-22-2020 gswafford  quick accurate will return please send relay we got cut off you sayin when u see us moving together and phone got dropped

Apr-21-2020 Fairytime  She was so good and accurate.She tuned right in my situation i love her reading and i will call her back.

Mar-18-2020 Yoda104  

Mar-03-2020 Rndiva33  Thank you for your help

Feb-13-2020 stribue  

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