I care deeply about empowering and inspiring others to feel the beautiful Angelic and Divine Presence that guides us. I offer heartfelt, soulful, and clear guidance that provides direction and reminds you that you are Divinely protected and Guided, always.

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Jun-03-2020 Kitandous  Very good reading

Jun-01-2020 Kitandous  VERY good VERY accurate

May-27-2020 Kitandous  very good

May-20-2020 Barvita  Love my readings with Cheanne! She provides clarity and great advices! I strongly recommended her to my friend that was also amazed with her accuracy and psychic abilities! Thank you Cheanne for both of us from the bottom of my heart!!!

May-15-2020 gswafford  

May-08-2020 JG7445  it is always so good to speak with her great reading

May-01-2020 Barvita  Cheanne is an incredible intuitive and channeler! She’s also done a tremendous healing work for me, can’t thank her enough!!!!

Apr-29-2020 Rndiva33  Thank you. I sent a long text this morning. Well see what happens.

Apr-27-2020 Barvita  Cheanne is absolutely phenomenal!!! I’ve had readings with her multiple times and she’s always able to connect on such a profound level to either people or animals..! Thank you Cheanne, you’re beautiful soul!!!

Apr-21-2020 Mela739  I love her caring heart and beautiful energy. Tunes in quickly and directly. Thank you Cheanne and thank you to your Guides. Sending you so much love and hugs!

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