Strongly psychic since childhood, my personal ethical code includes no judgment, positive posture and full disclosure. My intention is to use my tools to work with our Guides to provide direction, hope and healing for the highest spiritual good of all.

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Jan-08-2020 Tatiandja  She is amazing, kind and accurate

Nov-22-2019 Sunny0110  Im sorry, i lost the connection somehow. Can you send me a relay? You were saying heís trying to figure out what he wants? Should I worry?

Nov-02-2019 MzFancyP  WOW! What an enlightening experience is was to connect with Traci! I called to inquire ask about relationships and received a very helpful and insightful reading about that as well as inspiring messages from my guides for personal growth. Thank you

Sep-02-2019 sunnygirl007  She was right about most things. She said I would run into him so weíll see. Iím still left confused about why Darius left tho she wasnít clear on that. She still get 5 star for the hits

Aug-22-2019 Emelin  

Aug-07-2019 NIXNIX  Thank you again. Your reading is on point and accurate. I highly recommend

Jul-30-2019 Peter777  Thank you Traci, such a great session. Well worth the call. Cheers Peter

Jul-14-2019 Sunny0110  Iím sorry we got disconnected Traci! I wish I had more funds. Iím so happy to confirm that Traci prediction came to pass about a month after we spoke. Thank you Traci!! I hope he turns out to be everything I asked the universe to bring me.

Jun-27-2019 Wally27  I needed guidance about my career and Traci did not disappoint. I truly appreciated her candor and left the conversation with a great amount of hope. I now know what I need to work on and which direction I need to venture. Thank you for your counsel!

Jun-26-2019 Pokadotc  Reading didnít help. Felt like reader wasnít consistent in her message during the call. Rather replying off what I said. Asked a lot of questions. More like just talking to friend on phone

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